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Bloody New Year Details


Despite the misleading American release title -- giving the impression of another holiday-themed slasher flick -- this British production (aka ) is set in midsummer and employs a wacky but interesting supernatural theme. The story serves up the usual batch of teenage morons and bimbos as horror-fodder, stranding the group in a haunted hotel which, years ago, was the site of a massacre so horrific that the entire locale has been trapped in a deadly time warp. The resident ghosts torment their new guests with a variety of silly special effects -- including a possessed vacuum cleaner, an inter-dimensional mirror, and a lethal movie screen -- and turn them into murderous ghouls who then pursue the still-warm survivors. Directed by Norman J. Warren (the sceptered Isle's answer to Fred Olen Ray), this film is derivative of Sam Raimi's Sam Raimi and Lucio Fulci's Lucio Fulci, minus those films' extreme approach to horror. ~ Cavett Binion, Rovi


Suzy Aitchison
as Lesley
Nikki Brooks
as Janet
Colin Heywood
as Spud
Catherine Roman
as Carol
Julian Ronnie
as Tom


Hayden Pearce
Frazer Pearce
Hayden Pearce
Production Designer
Maxine Julius
Executive Producer