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Bloody Birthday Details


Sort of a triple-threat with a more overtly violent streak, this film tells the tale of trio of cherubic youngsters whose births all coincided with a solar eclipse, which somehow initiated a kind of time-release evil reaction that reaches its climax on the kids' tenth birthday, causing them to transform into miniature homicidal psychopaths. These darling little tykes then proceed to beat dad's brains out with a baseball bat, gun down their teacher, and otherwise beat, stab and strangle anyone who even looks cross-eyed at them. They also seem to be strangely fond of leering at naked teenage girls... or maybe that's just the director's favorite pastime. Produced in 1980, this proto-slasher opus was shelved for six years, then released to video to capitalize on the already-waning trend of sequels and their hellish offspring. ~ Cavett Binion, Rovi


Susan Strasberg
as Miss Viola Davis
José Ferrer
as Doctor
Lori Lethin
as Joyce Russel
Melinda Cordell
as Mrs. Brody
Julie Brown
as Beverly Brody
Joe Penny
as Mr. Harding
Elizabeth Hoy
as Debbie Brody
Bert Kramer
K.C. Martel
as Timmy Russel
Ben Marley
as Duke
Erica Hope
as Annie
Cyril O'Reilly
as Paul
Shane Butterworth
Michael Dudikoff
as Willard
Daniel Currie
Georgie Paul
Ellen Geer
Ward Costello
Ruth Silveira
William Boyett
Sylvia Wright
as Girl in Van
Billy Jayne
as Curtis
Sylvia Wright
as Girl in Van


Gerald T. Olson
Barry Pearson
Arlon Ober
Composer (Music Score)
Lynda Burbank
Art Director
Anthony Santa Croce
Sound/Sound Designer
Tom Beckert
Sound/Sound Designer
Wade Mayer
First Assistant Director
Julie Purcell