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Blood Red Details


Siblings Eric Roberts and Julia Roberts appear in this old-fashioned saga about oppressed Sicilian wine-growers in 19th-century California. Giancarlo Giannini stars as Sebastian Collogero, the robust Italian patriarch who is battling with railroad mogul William Bradford Berrigan (Dennis Hopper) to prevent his land from being taken over by the rail company. Sebastian's spirited son, Marco (Eric Roberts), is in love with Angelica (Lara Harris), the daughter of a rival wine-grower's clan. Marco is not very concerned about the warfare about to erupt between the wine-growers and the railroad until Berrigan's thugs torture and kill Sebastian in front of his daughter Maria (Julia Roberts). Marco then gets his friends together and organizes a revolt against Berrigan and his railroad empire. ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi

  • Release date:August 18, 1989


Eric Roberts
as Marco Collogero
Giancarlo Giannini
as Sebastian Collogero
Dennis Hopper
as William Bradford Berrigan
Burt Young
as Andrews
Carlin Glynn
as Miss Jeffreys
Lara Harris
as Angelica
Julia Roberts
as Maria Collogero
Francesca de Sapio
as Rosa Collogero
Alexandra Masterson
as Anna Collogero
Joseph Running Fox
as Samuel Joseph
Al Ruscio
as Antonio Segestra
Michael Madsen
as Enzio
Elias Koteas
as Silvio
Marc Lawrence
as Michael Fazio
Frank Campanella
as Dr. Scola
Aldo Ray
as Fr. Stassio
Gary Swanson
as Sen.WllrdEndicott
Susan Anspach
as Widow
Charles Dierkop
as Cooper
Maurine Logan
Sergio Calderon
as Perez
Kevin Cooney
as Mayor Riggs
Horton Foote
Edward Ivory
as Tremaine
Pam Rack
Edgar Small
as Pierce
Carol-Ann Susi
as SegestraDaughter1
John deLancie
Sergio Calderon
as Perez
Edward Ivory
as Tremaine
Edgar Small
as Pierce
Carol-Ann Susi
as SegestraDaughter1
Kevin Cooney
as Mayor Riggs


Peter Masterson
Derek Gibson
John Daly
Ron Cutler
Toyomichi Kurita
Carmine Coppola
Composer (Music Score)
Stu Fleming
Production Designer
Bruno Rubeo
Production Designer
Patricia Casey
Judd Bernard
Ruth Myers
Costume Designer