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Blitzkrieg: Escape From Stalag 69 Details


Germany, 1945: as the pressure intensifies to close down the Nazi's most notorious death camp, the women prisoners, the desperate POWs, and one fearless Russian front fighter join forces to defeat their sadistic captors and escape to freedom. Adolf Hitler's grip on Europe is about to be broken, but for the prisoners of Stalag 69 the end can't come soon enough. Monstrous SS commandant Helmut Schultz has been using his prisoners for a series of sickening experiments. With a devoted crew of torture experts to cater to his every perverse whim, Schultz has transformed Stalag 69 into a carnival of torment and human suffering. But when the women prisoners meet an escaped cabaret dancer, a daring plan for freedom is suddenly set into motion. Meanwhile, the American, British, and Russian POWs have hatched their own plan for escape, and a battle-hardened Russian named Natasha sheds her inhibitions while coolly dispatching any Nazi who dares to cross her path. Pressure is mounting for the SS soldiers in charge to close up the camp and liquidate the prisoners, but before that can happen all hell will break loose. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

  • Release date:August 15, 2008


Tatanya Kott
as Natasha
Gordanna Jenell
as Frieda
Marjie Kelley
as Marjie
Brenda Cooney
as Lucille
Charles Esser
as Helmut Schultz
Edward Yankus
as Jack Jones


Keith Crocker
Keith Crocker
Keith Crocker
Jim Knusch
Steven Gocinski
Keith Matturro
Production Designer