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Blind Date Details


When speaking of [[Performer~P98871~Laurel~stanlaurel]] and [[Performer~P30384~Hardy~oliverhardy]]'s first feature film [[Feature~V37266~Pardon Us~pardonus]], [[Performer~P98871~Stan Laurel~stanlaurel]] described it as "a three-story building on a one-story base"-in other words, a 2-reeler stretched and bloated into 6 reels. Much the same could be said of [[Performer~P88685~Blake Edwards~blakeedwards]]'s [[Feature~V136713~Blind Date~blinddate]], though one wonders if [[Performer~P98871~Stan Laurel~stanlaurel]] could have even gotten two reels out of its wafer-thin premise. At the outset, yuppie [[Performer~P76618~Bruce Willis~brucewillis]] is warned not to let his blind date, southern belle [[Performer~P4427~Kim Basinger~kimbasinger]], drink anything stronger than lemonade. So what does [[Performer~P76618~Willis~brucewillis]] do the first chance he gets? That's right, kids; he plies poor [[Performer~P4427~Basinger~kimbasinger]] with champagne. And then he wonders why his life rapidly goes to hell in a handbasket. In his first starring movie role, [[Performer~P76618~Bruce Willis~brucewillis]] manages to find all sorts of nuances in his one-note role, while [[Performer~P4427~Kim Basinger~kimbasinger]] is very funny when she's blotto-at least, for the first five minutes or so. [[Performer~P40616~John Laroquette~johnlarroquette]] costars as a character straight out of a 1920s bedroom farce; he's also pretty good, even though his dialogue is numbingly unamusing. [[Performer~P88685~Blake Edwards~blakeedwards]] is famous for his ability to make a lot out of a little...but there has to be a limit somewhere. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

  • Release date:March 27, 1987


Bruce Willis
as Walter Davis
Kim Basinger
as Nadia Gates
Bruce Willis
as Walter Davis
John Larroquette
as David Bedford
William Daniels
as Judge Harold Bedford
Phil Hartman
as Ted Davis
George Coe
as Harry Gruen
Alice Hirson
as Muriel Bedford
Mark Blum
as Denny Gordon
Stephanie Faracy
as Susie Davis
Susan Lentini
as Mugger
Tim Stack
as Grant
Bill Marcus
as Street Cop
Jeannie Elias
as Walter's Secretary
John Demy
as Jail Officer
Jon Smet
as Car Lot Customer
Julia Jennings
as Big Blonde
Lonny Price
as [Billy Vera And The Beaters]
Mike Genovese
as Jail Officer
Arlene Lorre
as Court Stenographer
Momo Yashima
as Mrs. Yakamoto
Armin Shimerman
as French Waiter
Paul Carafotes
as Disco Dancer
Sacerdo Tanney
as Minister
Barry Sobel
as Gas Station Attendant
Seth Isler
as Delivery Driver
Stanley Jordan
as Himself
Sab Shimono
as Mr. Yakamoto
P. Randall Bowers
as Jail Officer
Jack Gwyllim
as Artist
Brian George
as Maitre d'
Diana Bellamy
as Maid
Dick Durock
as Bouncer
Don Sparks
as Street Cop
Elaine Wilkes
as Mugger
Emma Walton
as Mugger
Billy Vera
as Himself
Bob Ari
as Bailiff
Joyce Van Patten
as Nadia's Mother
Ernest Harada
as Japanese Gardener
Georgann Johnson
as Mrs. Gruen
Graham Stark
as Jordan the Bedford Butler


Blake Edwards
Tony Adams
David Permut
Dale Launer
Blake Edwards
Leslie Dixon
Michael Alan Eddy
Tom Ropelewski
Harry Stradling, Jr.
Henry Mancini
Composer (Music Score)
Henry Mancini
Billy Vera
Shannon Rubicam
Stanley Jordan
Tom Bocci
Musical Direction/Supervision
Keith L'neire
Marie Bunel
Musical Direction/Supervision
George Merrill
Rodger Maus
Production Designer
Trish Caroselli
Associate Producer
David Permut
Executive Producer
Gary Hendler
Executive Producer
Jonathan D. Krane
Executive Producer
Carl Biddiscombe
Set Designer
Tracy Tynan
Costume Designer
Roy Downey
Special Effects
Mickey McCardle
First Assistant Director
Joe Dunne
Nancy Klopper
Alan Levine
Production Manager
David Permut
Co-Executive Producer
Joe Dunne
Second Unit Director