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Black Christmas Details


Although this Canadian production saw its widest U.S. cable TV distribution in the early '80s (primarily under the title [[Feature~V162250~Stranger in the House~strangerinthehouse]]) to capitalize on the phenomenal success of [[Feature~V21317~Halloween~halloween]] and its offspring, this effective suspense-thriller actually predates [[Performer~P225547~John Carpenter~johncarpenter]]'s film by four years. The story involves a dangerous psychopath hiding out in the attic of a sorority house who torments a small group of pretty young sisters (including [[Performer~P34125~Olivia Hussey~oliviahussey]] and [[Performer~P38064~Margot Kidder~margotkidder]]) who are staying behind over Christmas break. His tactics range from making obscene phone calls from their house-mother's phone, to stalking the terrified boarders with sharp objects and murderous intent. Director [[Performer~P13329~Bob Clark~bobclark]], who mistook dreariness for tension in his previous horror effort [[Feature~V9254~Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things!~childrenshouldntplaywithdeadthings]] (1972), here demonstrates a tight, aggressive style that generates some very original shocks -- particularly the surprise ending -- which clearly influenced dozens of similarly-themed slasher films to follow. ~ Cavett Binion, Rovi

  • Release date:October 11, 1974


Olivia Hussey
as Jessica Bradford
Keir Dullea
as Peter Smythe
Margot Kidder
as Barbie Coard
Andrea Martin
as Phyllis Carlson
John Saxon
as Lieutenant Kenneth Fuller
Lynne Griffin
as Claire Harrison
John Stoneham
as Cop
Marcia Diamond
as Woman
Les Rubie
as Search Party
Michael Rapaport
as Patrick
Les Carlson
as Graham
Jack Van Evera
as Search Party
Doug McGrath
as Sgt. Nash
Tom Foreman
as Cop
David Clement
as Cogan
Robert Warner
as Doctor
Art Hindle
as Chris


Bob Clark
Bob Clark
Carl Zittrer
Composer (Music Score)
Stan Cole
Karen Bromley
Art Director
Gerry Arbeid
Richard Schouten
Associate Producer
Findlay Quinn
Executive Producer