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The Black Widow: Chapter 04: Peril in the Sky Details


Although it looked for all the world as if intrepid reporter Joyce Winters (Virginia Lindley) was blown to smithereens in chapter three of the Republic serial The Black Widow, she was in reality saved in the proverbial nick of time by sleuthing novelist Steve Colt (Bruce Edwards), much to the dismay, of course, of Sombra (Carol Forman) and her "tele-transported" father Hitomu (Theodore Gottlieb). None the worse for wear, Colt arranges for his friend Andy Baldwin (Hal Landon) to fly Dr. Weston's rocket motors to a faraway scientific installation plant. But unbeknownst to Steve, Sombra smuggles a couple of her henchmen aboard the plane. Also onboard and also unbeknownst to our hero is poor Joyce, who had been caught snooping by henchman Ward (Anthony Warde) and stuffed unconscious into a trunk headed for Baldwin's plane. When a fight between good and evil breaks out in mid-flight, Joyce is once again in grave peril, this time apparently falling to certain death when the plane tilts. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi



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