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The Black Shield of Falworth Details


Tony Curtis always seemed a little uncomfortable in costume epics, but this trait serves him well in Black Shield of Falworth. Based on the robust novel Men of Iron by Howard Pyle, the film casts Curtis as Miles, the son of a disgraced knight. Through the sponsorship of the Earl of Mackworth Herbert Marshall, Miles is trained for knighthood, an arduous process that earns him the ridicule of his fellow trainees, who regard him as little better than a peasant. Eventually, Miles proves his mettle by squelching a plan to oust King Henry IV Ian Keith from the throne of England. On a more personal level, Miles carries on a romance with Mackworth's daughter Lady Anne Janet Leigh, while Miles' sister Meg Barbara Rush finds happiness in the arms of knight-in-training Francis Gascoyne Craig Hill. The heavy of the piece is the Earl of Alban David Farrar, whom Miles must ultimately face down in a well-directed climactic set-to. Torin Thatcher, who'd previously costarred with Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh in Torin Thatcher, delivers another topnotch characterization as the no-nonsense trainer of Miles and his fellow aspirant knights. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Tony Curtis
as Myles Falworth
Janet Leigh
as Lady Ann
David Farrar
as Earl of Alban
Herbert Marshall
as Earl of Mackworth
Torin Thatcher
as Sir James
Dan O'Herlihy
as Prince Hal
Patrick O'Neal
as Walter Blunt
Craig Hill
as Francis Gascoyne
Ian Keith
as Henry IV of England
Doris Lloyd
as Dame Ellen
Rhys Williams
as Diccon Bowman
Leonard Mudie
as Friar Edward
Maurice Marsac
as Count de Vermois
Leo Britt
as Sir Robert
Claud Allister
as Sir George
Robin Camp
as Roger Ingoldsby
Barbara Rush
as Meg Falworth
Brett Halsey
Barbara Rush
as Meg Falworth


Rudolph Maté
Melville Tucker
Robert Arthur
Howard Pyle
Book Author
Oscar Brodney
Irving Glassberg
Joseph E. Gershenson
Composer (Music Score)
Hans Salter
Composer (Music Score)
Herman Stein
Composer (Music Score)
Ted Kent
Alexander Golitzen
Production Designer
Rosemary Odell
Costume Designer
Joe Lapis
Sound/Sound Designer
Bud Westmore