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Partly conceived as a follow-up to , 20th Century-Fox's The Black Rose, reunites the earlier film's two stars, Tyrone Power and Orson Welles. Filmed on location in England and Morocco, the story concerns 13th-century Saxon nobleman Walter of Gurnie (Tyrone Power), who, after sparking an unsuccessful rebellion against the Norman conquerors of his homeland, sets out to seek his fortune in the Far East. In the company of his friend Tristam (Jack Hawkins), Walter makes the acquaintance of megalomanic North African warlord Bayan (Orson Welles). Journeying farther, Walter and Tristam arrive in China, where they are treated with deference--so long as they never try to leave. Eventually escaping his Chinese hosts, Walter returns to his native country. Previously renounced by King Edward (Michael Rennie) because of his role in the a Saxon rebellion, Walter is welcomed back with open arms because of all the cultural and scientific wonders he's brought back from China (including gunpowder). The "Black Rose" of the title is the beauteous Maryam (Cecile Aubrey), with whom Walter fell in love while both were the prisoners of Bayan. A bit lacking in terms of spectacular adventure sequences, Black Rose scores points on its star power and splendid Technicolor photography. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

  • Release date:September 1, 1950


Tyrone Power
as Walter of Gurnie
Orson Welles
as Bayan
Jack Hawkins
as Tristram Griffin
Michael Rennie
as Edward I Longshanks
Finlay Currie
as Alfgar
Herbert Lom
as Anthemus
Mary Clare
as Countess Eleanor of Lessford
Alfonso Bedoya
as Lu Chung
Gibb McLaughlin
as Wilderkin
Henry Oscar
as Friar Roger Bacon
Laurence Harvey
as Edmond
Valery Inkijinoff
as Minister
James Robertson Justice
as Simeon Beautrie
Robert Blake
as Mahmoud
Valery Inkijinoff
as Minister
Robert Blake
as Mahmoud
James Robertson Justice
as Simeon Beautrie


Henry Hathaway
Talbot Jennings
Jack Cardiff
Muir Mathieson
Musical Direction/Supervision
Manuel del Campo
Paul Sheriff
Art Director