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Adapted by Brian Moore from his own novel, The Black Robe is a sprawling recreation of a turbelent period in Canadian history. In 1634, Jesuit missionary Father Laforgue (Lothair Bluteau) arrives in the New World, hoping to convert the Huron Indian tribe to Catholicism-and, incidentally, to expedite the French colonization of Quebec. Laforgue is regarded with a combination of warmth and wariness by the natives, who refer to Laforgue and his fellow priests as "black robes". Offering his services as both guide and friend is Algonquin chief Chomina (August Schellenberg). The by-the-book Laforgue does little to endear himself to the Indians-one of whom, a holy man, labels the priest as a demon who will bring nothing but death and destruction. The one who suffers most is Chomina, the man who most desires peaceful coexistence. In an ironic coda, we learn that the "black robes" have set into motion the fall of the Hurons, simply by imposing their Christian values upon them. Black Robe has been compared to August Schellenberg, but the films do not share the same philosophy: while the idealistic hero of August Schellenberg strives to understand and appreciate his new Indian comrades, the pious protagonist of Black Robe has only conversion in mind. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

  • Release date:October 4, 1991


Awarded by
Genie Awards Herbert Pinter Best Art Direction 1991 Winner
Genie Awards August Schellenberg Best Supporting Actor 1991 Winner
Genie Awards Renee April Best Costume Design 1991 Nominee
Genie Awards Sandrine Holt Best Supporting Actress 1991 Nominee
Genie Awards Tim Wellburn Best Editing 1991 Nominee
Genie Awards Bruce Beresford Best Director 1991 Winner
Genie Awards Georges Delerue Best Score 1991 Nominee
Genie Awards Gavin Mitchell Best Art Direction 1991 Winner
Genie Awards Brian Moore Best Adapted Screenplay 1991 Winner


Lothaire Bluteau
as Father Laforgue
Aden Young
as Daniel
Sandrine Holt
as Annuka
August Schellenberg
as Chomina
Tantoo Cardinal
as Chomina's Wife
Billy Two Rivers
as Ougebmat
Lawrence Bayne
as Neehatin
Harrison Liu
as Awondoie
Yvan Labelle
as Mestigoit
Helen Atkinson
as Algonquin Tribe Member
Earl Danyluk
as Algonquin Tribe Member
Claude Prefontaine
as Old Priest
Jonathon Blacksmith
as Algonquin Tribe Member
Doreen Stevens
as Algonquin Tribe Member
Brenda Adams
as Iroquois Torture Woman
Mirya Obomsawin
as Algonquin Tribe Member
John Tenasco
as Algonquin Tribe Member
Gerard Soler
as Masse
Minor Mustain
as 1st Iroquois
Walter Jacobs
as Algonquin Tribe Member
Raoul Trujillo
as Kiotseaton
Annie Bearskin
as Algonquin Tribe Member
Waylon Hare
as Algonquin Tribe Member
Don Brisebois
as Iroquois Guard
Denis Plante
as Musician
Patrick Tenasco
as Montagnais
Roger Wylde
as Algonquin Tribe Member
Jean Brousseau
as Champlain
Gordon Tootoosis
as Old Aenons
James Bobbish
as Ondesson
George Pachanos
as Iroquois Leader
Arnold Eyah-Saulteux
as Algonquin Tribe Member
Paul Stewart
as Workman
Jean-Pierre Perusse
as Tallevant
Bonfield Marcoux
as Domergue
Jean-Baptiste Raphael
as Iroquois Elder
Jean-Raymond Chales
as Workman
Wanda Obomsawin
as Pregnant Woman
Gilles Plante
as Older Workman
Wesley Cote
as Oujita
Linlyn Lue
as She Manitou
Rodrigue Boivin
as Algonquin Tribe Member
Marco Bacon
as Montagnais
Marthe Turgeon
as Laforgue's Mother
Daniel Thonon
as Musician
Guy Provencher
as Old Iroquois Member
Joseph Campean
as Algonquin Tribe Member
Francois Tasse
as Father Bourque
Jean-Jacques Blanchet
as Workman
Deano Clavet
as Mercier
Denis Lacroix
as Taratande
Cordelia Beresford
as Mile La Fontaine


Bruce Beresford
Sue Milliken
Robert Lantos
Stéphane Reichel
Brian Moore
Brian Moore
Book Author
Georges Delerue
Composer (Music Score)
Tim Wellburn
Herbert Pinter
Production Designer
Gavin Mitchell
Art Director
Eric Norlen
Associate Producer
Brian Moore
Executive Producer
Denis Heroux
Executive Producer
Jake Eberts
Executive Producer
Réal Proulx
Set Designer
Renee April
Costume Designer
Gary Wilkins
Sound/Sound Designer
Louis Craig
Special Effects
Pedro Gandol
First Assistant Director
Minor Mustain
Linda Gill