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Billy Madison Details


Master of infantilism Adam Sandler stars as the title character, an overgrown rich kid who wiles away his days poolside, swilling kegs of beer and appreciating fine nudie magazines such as "Drunk Chicks" -- that is, until his father (Darren McGavin) decides to test his mettle as future head of the family business by posing a challenge: retake and pass grades K-12 in 24 weeks or watch control of the business pass to the requisite conniving underling (Bradley Whitford). Forced into action, Billy vows to change his drunken ways. He enrolls in kindergarten, makes new friends, pelts pint-sized kids with playground balls and develops a love interest in a pretty teacher (Bridgitte Wilson). The action culminates in an academic showdown between Billy and the purportedly Harvard-educated underling for the future of the family enterprise -- no small feat for a man fresh out of the first grade. There's gross, moronic, off-color low humor galore in Billy Madison, particularly in one subplot involving a romantically forward elementary school principal (Josh Mostel, son of theater great Zero Mostel) and his secret former life as a professional wrestler; another scene includes the hypertense school bus driver (Chris Farley, in a typical over-the-top cameo) lying in the meadow with a hallucinatory penguin. As one might suspect, Billy Madison is not for every taste; Sandler fans will laugh from start to finish; others beware. ~ Jeremy Beday, Rovi

  • Release date:February 10, 1995


Adam Sandler
as Billy Madison
Darren McGavin
as Brian Madison
Bridgette Wilson
as Veronica
Bradley Whitford
as Eric Gordon
Josh Mostel
as Max Anderson
Claire Cellucci
as Attractive Lady
Steve Buscemi
as Danny McGrath
Norm MacDonald
as Frank
Larry Hankin
as Carl Alphonse
Benjamin Barrett
as Tenth Grader
Gladys O'Connor
as Tour Guide
Jack Mather
as Clemens
Tex Konig
as Crazy Person
Hrant Alianak
as Pete
Justin Williams
as 3rd Grader
Chris Farley
as O'Doyle the Bus Driver
Joyce Gordon
as Lunch Lady
Allison Robinson
as Newswoman
Marcia Bennett
as 4th Grade Teacher
Helen Hughes
as 2nd Grade Teacher
Mark Beltzman
as Jack
Diane Douglass
as Nurse
Amos Crawley
as Rod


Tamra Davis
Robert Simonds
Adam Sandler
Tim Herlihy
Victor Hammer
Allan Byer
Musical Direction/Supervision
Ralph Sall
Musical Direction/Supervision
Randy Edelman
Composer (Music Score)
Perry Andelin Blake
Production Designer
Jack Giarraputo
Associate Producer
Fitch Cady
Executive Producer
Enrico Campana
Set Designer
Martin Walters
First Assistant Director
Harald Ortenburger
Camera Operator
Jaki Brown-Karman
Todd Thaler
Deirdre Bowen