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Big Top Pee-Wee Details


Paul Reubens's followup to the box-office hit Pee-Wee's Big Adventure is just as outrageous and cartoonish, though not as good. This time, child-man Pee-Wee runs a colorful farm, chock full of talking animals and outsized produce. On the morning after a tornado of Paul Reubens dimensions, Pee-Wee awakens to discover that a travelling circus has been deposited in his back yard. Befriended by circus owner Kris Kristofferson, Pee-Wee takes an acrobatic job, hoping to impress lovely trapeze artist Valeria Golino--thereby incurring the jealous rage of his hometown sweetie Penelope Ann Miller. When the circus is faced with bankruptcy, Pee-Wee comes up with a brilliant idea: why not stage a three-ring spectacular celebrating the wonders of agriculture? A partial takeoff of such earlier sawdust-trail flicks as Martin and Lewis' Lewis and Disney's Lewis, Big Top Pee-Wee is generally entertaining, but goes off in too many directions at once, leaving a lot of loose plot ends and underdeveloped characters. Also, Pee-Wee's overactive libido (at least in this film!) is not all that suitable for his younger fans. Even so, there are plenty of hilarious set-pieces. Big Top Pee-Wee was produced and cowritten by Paul Reubens. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

  • Release date:July 22, 1988


Paul Reubens
as Pee Wee Herman
Kris Kristofferson
as Mace Montana
Valeria Golino
as Gina Piccolapupula
Penelope Ann Miller
as Winnie
Susan Tyrrell
as Midge Montana
Terrence Mann
as Snowball the Clown
Albert Henderson
as Mr. Ryan
Jack Murdock
as Otis
David Byrd
as Deke
Mary Jackson
as Mrs. Dill
Frances Bay
as Mrs. Haynes
Anne Seymour
as Pearl
Joey Arias
as Shim the Half Man/Half Woman
Stephanie Hodge
Wayne White
as Vance the Pig
Leo Gordon
as Joe, The Blacksmith
Matthias Hues
as Oscar, The Lion Tamer
Helen Siff
as Ruth, Siamese Twin
Lynne Stewart
as Zelda, Bearded Lady
Benicio Del Toro
as Duke the Dog-Faced Boy
Dustin Diamond
as Child - Deke
Jay Robinson
as Cock
John Sherrod
as Del, The Human Cannonball
Vance Colvig
as Clownie
Franco Columbu
as Otto, The Strongman
Kenneth Tobey
as Sheriff
Bunny Summers
as Costume Woman
Eve Smith
as Bunny
Kevin Peter Hall
as Big John


Randal Kleiser
Richard Gilbert Abramson
William E. McEuen
George McGrath
Paul Reubens
Steven Poster
Danny Elfman
Composer (Music Score)
Jeff Gourson
Debra Hill
Paul Reubens
Richard Gilbert Abramson
Executive Producer
William E. McEuen
Executive Producer
Stephen Homsy
Set Designer
Carl Aldana
Set Designer
Robert Turturice
Costume Designer
Richard Edlund
Special Effects
Roger Joseph Pugliese
First Assistant Director
Victoria Thomas
Richard Edlund
Visual Effects Producer