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The Biggest Bundle of Them All Details


Vittorio De Sica delivers a full-blown comic performance as Cesare Celli, an American gangster exiled to Italy and kidnapped by a collection of inept crooks. These incompetents are headed by Harry Price (Robert Wagner), who demands a ransom from Cesare's friends for his safe return. When none of Cesare's friends send money to rescue Cesare from the kidnappers, Cesare is outraged and concocts a scheme for a five-million-dollar platinum robbery as a way to pay Harry's gang back for their efforts and to get his revenge on a world that has ignored him. Cesare trains his collection of nincompoops for the robbery and imports the famed Professor Samuels (Edward G. Robinson) to plan the heist. After a series of problems raising the money for the robbery and obligatory bumblings by the gang, Cesare and his men are ready to proceed with the heist. But then, right before the robbery, Harry and his girlfriend, Juliana (Raquel Welch), decide to betray Cesare and abscond with the platinum themselves. ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi


Andrea Aurelia
as Carabiniere
Paola Borboni
as Signora Rosa
Calisto Calisti
as Inspector Bordoni
Godfrey Cambridge
as Benny
Carlo Croccolo
as Franco
Gianna Dauro
as Signora Clara
Piero Gerlini
as Lt. Naldi
Davy Kaye
as Davey Collins
Mickey Knox
as Joe Ware
Francesco Mule
as Tozzi
Edward G. Robinson
as Prof.Samuels
Yvonne Sanson
as Teresa
Vittorio De Sica
as Cesare Celli
Alina de Simone
as Uncle Carlo
Victor Spinetti
as Capt.Giglio
Robert Wagner
as Harry
Raquel Welch
as Juliana
Femi Benussi
as Uncle Carlo's Bride
Aldo Bufi-Landi
as Capitano del Signore
Nino Musco
as Chef
Giulio Marchetti
as Capt. Capuano
Aldo Bufi-Landi
as Capitano del Signore
Femi Benussi
as Uncle Carlo's Bride
Nino Musco
as Chef


Ken Annakin
Josef Shaftel
Josef Shaftel
Sy Salkowitz
Riz Ortolani
Composer (Music Score)
Ralph Sheldon
Arrigo Equini
Art Director
Itala Scandariato
Costume Designer