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Beyond the Rocks Details


This picture did great at the box office, and no wonder -- Paramount's biggest star of the day, Gloria Swanson, co-starred with Rudolph Valentino (whose fame was so new that his first name was still being spelled "Rodolph"), in a story written by the most famous trashy novelist of the day, Elinor Glyn. There was no way this romantic drama could have lost. Swanson plays Theodora Fitzgerald, the daughter of poor but aristocratic parents. Her father pushes her into a marriage with a retired and wealthy grocer, but on the honeymoon she meets Lord Bracondale, a stunningly handsome nobleman (Valentino) when he saves her from a mountain climbing fall. The two embark on a torrid affair (enhanced by fanciful historical flashbacks). Although Theodora wishes to do right by her husband, he discovers that she does not love him and goes on an expedition, where he is fatally wounded. Before he dies, he generously gives the errant couple his approval. Between the time this film completed production and the time it came out, The Four Horsemen of the Apolcalypse was released, increasing Valentino's box office value even more. ~ Janiss Garza, Rovi

  • Release date:May 7, 1922


Gloria Swanson
as Theodora Fitzgerald
Rudolph Valentino
as Lord Bracondale
Edythe Chapman
as Lady Bracondale
Alec B. Francis
as Capt. Fitzgerald
Robert Bolder
as Josiah Brown
Gertrude Astor
as Morelia Winmarleigh
Mabel Van Buren
as Mrs. McBride
Helen Dunbar
as Lady Ada Fitzgerald
June Elvidge
as Lady Anningford


Sam Wood
Jesse Lasky
Alfred Gilks