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Better Than Chocolate is a lesbian love story. Walking home from an evening at the lesbian club 'Cat's Ass,' Maggie is confronted by a gang of skinheads. Suddenly a minibus comes to a screeching halt and out jumps Kim. The skins move on, and Maggie thanks Kim, who watches her go. This is their first meeting. Maggie has recently dropped out of law school and now works in a women's shop. To avoid a confrontation with her mother, she makes up a success story and tells her that she's living in a beautiful apartment. As her mother is having her difficulties with her second husband, she decides to take her young son and come to live with Maggie for a while. Meanwhile, Maggie is housesitting the apartment of a female performer on tour. As fate might have it, she runs across Kim again and they find themselves at the new apartment making love in the shower -- at which moment Maggie's mother and little brother step in. The film was screened as part of the Panorama section of the 49th International Berlin Film Festival, 1999. ~ Gönül Dönmez-Colin, Rovi

  • Release date:August 13, 1999


Anne Wheeler
Sharon McGowan
Peggy Thompson
Peggy Thompson
Gregory Middleton
Graeme Coleman
Composer (Music Score)
Alison Grace
Rosamund Norbury
Associate Producer
Christopher Adkins
Associate Producer
Brad Gough
Costume Designer
Gael McLean
Sound/Sound Designer
Seanna McPherson
First Assistant Director