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The Best House in London Details


In this British farce, the British Home Secretary satisfies the men of London by sanctioning a government-run brothel. This comedy chronicles what happens when secretary John Bird appoints Sir Francis Leybourne to run the place. Bird then has his lovely girlfriend Babbette act as the Madame. Sir Leybourne owns an opium plantation in India and one day goes there to see it. Unfortunately, he gets killed in an uprising, leaving his prim niece Josephine Pacefoot in charge of the cathouse. A staunch believer in social reform, she is quite sure what to do with the disreputable business. Leybourne's son has plenty of ideas too and wants the fortune and the bordello for himself. The ensuing struggle creates plenty of trouble and many laughs. Though the film originally received a British "X" rating, the sex is pretty tame by modern standards. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi


David Hemmings
as Benjamin Oakes/Walter Leybourne
Joanna Pettet
as Josephine Pacefoot
George Sanders
as Sir Francis Leybourne
Dany Robin
as Babette
Warren Mitchell
as Count Pandolfo
John Bird
as Home Secretary
William Rushton
as Sylvester Wall
Bill Fraser
as Insp. MacPherson
Maurice Denham
as Editor of "Times"
Wolfe Morris
as Chinese Trade Attache
Martita Hunt
as Headmistress
Arnold Diamond
as Charles Dickens
John de Marco
as Oscar Wilde
Jan Holden
as Lady Dilke
Arthur Howard
as Mr. Fortnum
Suzanne Hunt
as Miss Elizabeth Barrett
Carol Friday
as Flora
Tessie O'Shea
as Singer
Betty Marsden
as Felicity
John Cleese
Clement Freud
as Mr. Mason
Neal Arden
as Dr. Livingston
George Reynolds
as Lord Alfred Douglas
Marianne Stone
George Reynolds
as Lord Alfred Douglas
Clement Freud
as Mr. Mason
Neal Arden
as Dr. Livingston


Philip Saville
Philip Breen
Kurt Unger
Denis Norden
Alex Thomson
Mischa Spoliansky
Composer (Music Score)
Ronald Cass
Composer (Music Score)
Peter Tanner
Yvonne Blake
Costume Designer
Nolan Roberts
Sound/Sound Designer
David Tringham
First Assistant Director