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[[Performer~P99633~Jerry Lewis~jerrylewis]] now claims that his film directorial debut came about when his home studio, Paramount, needed a summer-release [[Performer~P99633~Lewis~jerrylewis]] vehicle in a hurry. [[Performer~P99633~Jerry~jerrylewis]] and his entourage headed to the Fountainbleu hotel in Miami Beach, and 29 days later returned with The Bellboy. As narrator [[Performer~P76855~Walter Winchell~walterwinchell]] (and an actor pretending to be a Paramount executive in a pre-credits bit) explain, the film has no plot and no point; it merely exists for the audience's enjoyment. [[Performer~P99633~Lewis~jerrylewis]] plays nebbishy bellhop Stanley, a nonspeaking bumbler who alternates between screwing up and taking his job too seriously. The film's [[Performer~P113699~Tati~jacquestati]]-like gags involve a Volkswagen engine, an overweight guest, a woman with a come-hither voice, a very effective flash bulb, an episode at the Greyhound track, a golf tournament, and a passenger jet. Weaving in and out of the proceedings is [[Performer~P99633~Lewis~jerrylewis]]' cowriter (and former drummer) [[Performer~P108219~Bill Richmond~billrichmond]], made up as the spitting image of [[Performer~P98871~Stan Laurel~stanlaurel]] (the real [[Performer~P98871~Laurel~stanlaurel]] was approached to play himself, but he gently turned [[Performer~P99633~Jerry~jerrylewis]] down, insisting that his aged appearance would disappoint his fans). Miami habitues [[Performer~P58046~B.S. Pully~bspully]], [[Performer~P61629~Joe E. Ross~joeeross]], [[Performer~P48979~Cary Middlecoff~drcarymiddlecoff]], The [[Performer~P53138~Novelites~thenovelties]] make cameo appearances, as does [[Performer~P81579~Milton Berle~miltonberle]]. Made for peanuts, The Bellboy amassed a fortune, assuring that [[Performer~P99633~Jerry Lewis~jerrylewis]] would be permitted to direct many of his own films in the future. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

  • Release date:July 20, 1960


Jerry Lewis
as Stanley
Alex Gerry
as Manager
Sonny Sands
as Bellboy
Milton Berle
as Guest Star
Herkie Styles
as Bellboy
David Landfield
as Bellboy
Larry Best
as Apple Man


Jerry Lewis
Jerry Lewis
Jerry Lewis
Haskell Boggs
Walter Scharf
Composer (Music Score)
Henry Bumstead
Art Director
Hal Pereira
Art Director
Nick Castle