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[[Performer~P99633~Jerry Lewis~jerrylewis]] now claims that his film directorial debut came about when his home studio, Paramount, needed a summer-release [[Performer~P99633~Lewis~jerrylewis]] vehicle in a hurry. [[Performer~P99633~Jerry~jerrylewis]] and his entourage headed to the Fountainbleu hotel in Miami Beach, and 29 days later returned with The Bellboy. As narrator [[Performer~P76855~Walter Winchell~walterwinchell]] (and an actor pretending to be a Paramount executive in a pre-credits bit) explain, the film has no plot and no point; it merely exists for the audience's enjoyment. [[Performer~P99633~Lewis~jerrylewis]] plays nebbishy bellhop Stanley, a nonspeaking bumbler who alternates between screwing up and taking his job too seriously. The film's [[Performer~P113699~Tati~jacquestati]]-like gags involve a Volkswagen engine, an overweight guest, a woman with a come-hither voice, a very effective flash bulb, an episode at the Greyhound track, a golf tournament, and a passenger jet. Weaving in and out of the proceedings is [[Performer~P99633~Lewis~jerrylewis]]' cowriter (and former drummer) [[Performer~P108219~Bill Richmond~billrichmond]], made up as the spitting image of [[Performer~P98871~Stan Laurel~stanlaurel]] (the real [[Performer~P98871~Laurel~stanlaurel]] was approached to play himself, but he gently turned [[Performer~P99633~Jerry~jerrylewis]] down, insisting that his aged appearance would disappoint his fans). Miami habitues [[Performer~P58046~B.S. Pully~bspully]], [[Performer~P61629~Joe E. Ross~joeeross]], [[Performer~P48979~Cary Middlecoff~drcarymiddlecoff]], The [[Performer~P53138~Novelites~thenovelties]] make cameo appearances, as does [[Performer~P81579~Milton Berle~miltonberle]]. Made for peanuts, The Bellboy amassed a fortune, assuring that [[Performer~P99633~Jerry Lewis~jerrylewis]] would be permitted to direct many of his own films in the future. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

  • Release date:July 20, 1960


Jerry Lewis
Jerry Lewis
Jerry Lewis
Haskell Boggs
Walter Scharf
Composer (Music Score)
Hal Pereira
Art Director
Henry Bumstead
Art Director
Nick Castle