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Behind the Mask Details


Crooked newspaper columnist Jeff Mann (James Cardwell), who apparently was blackmailing half the criminal gangs in the city, is murdered in his own office, and a police officer is killed the same night in the alley outside the newspaper's building -- and the prime suspect is the Shadow, the mysterious masked adventurer with the ability to cloud men's minds so they can't see him. The Shadow is, in reality, millionaire playboy and dilettante criminologist Lamont Cranston (Kane Richmond), who is about to get married to Margo Lane (Barbara Read); he's vowed to give up being the Shadow, but now he has to investigate this case to clear himself, much to Margo's dismay. Police Inspector Cardona (Joseph Crehan) wants to prove the Shadow committed the murders, and Mann's editor Brad Thomas (Robert Shayne) is calling for the Shadow's blood in his newspaper's editorial pages. This leaves Cranston with his hands full, especially after Margo -- anxious to get him to the altar -- tries to solve the case herself, at one point even masquerading as the Shadow. Between keeping her out of his way and staying ahead of the real culprit, the police, and the gangs that Mann was blackmailing, Cranston and his valet Shrevie (George Chandler) just about get themselves killed a couple of times, amid a string of comedic and mysterious twists that lead right back to the murder scene for the identity of the killer. ~ Bruce Eder, Rovi


Kane Richmond
as Lamont Cranston/The Shadow
George Chandler
as Shrevie
Pierre Watkin
as Weston
Dorothea Kent
as Jennie
Joyce Compton
as Lulu
June Clyde
as Edith Merrill
Robert Shayne
as Brad Thomas
Edward Gargan
as Dixon
Dewey Robinson
as Head Waiter
Joseph Crehan
as Cardona
Barbara Read
as Margo Lane
Joseph Crehan
as Cardona


Phil Karlson
George Callahan
William Sickner
Ace Herman