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Beethoven's 2nd Details


The gargantuan St. Bernard finds love in this sequel to the box-office hit. Beethoven happens to meet Missy, another St. Bernard, in the park and the two find they share a certain chemistry. Unfortunately, Missy is being held captive by Regina (Debi Mazar), a spiteful ex-wife attempting to leverage ransom money from her wimpy former husband. Fortunately for the dogs, their visit was long enough for the stork to come calling (no one ever accused Beethoven of having slow paws), and soon Missy berths a litter of adorable pups. Regina decides at first to drown the pups (an apparent attempt by the screenwriters to justify whatever horrible fate befalls her later) but reconsiders when she learns of their monetary value. However, the Newton children (Christopher Castile and Sara Rose Karr) manage to rescue them, and the entire family heads off for a Montana resort, Beethoven and pups in tow. Somehow, Regina and her sleazy boyfriend (Christopher Penn) end up at the resort as well, setting the stage for the final showdown. Less appealing than the original, Beethoven's 2nd is still an innocuous hour and a half of fun for younger kids and hardcore dog lovers. ~ Jeremy Beday, Rovi

  • Release date:December 16, 1993


Charles Grodin
as George Newton
Bonnie Hunt
as Alice Newton
Nicholle Tom
as Ryce Newton
Christopher Castile
as Ted Newton
Sarah Rose Karr
as Emily Newton
Debi Mazar
as Regina
Chris Penn
as Floyd
Ashley Hamilton
as Taylor
Virginia Capers
as Chemistry Teacher
Dion Zamora
as Bully
Holly Wortell
as Window Dresser
Maury Chaykin
as Cliff Klamath
Steve Jacobs
Don Lake
as Window Display Manager
Catherine Reitman
as Janie
Devon Gummersall
as Baseball Captain
Jeff Corey
as Janitor
Jordan Bond
as Newspaper Boy
Heather McComb
as Michelle
Tom Dugan
as Hot Dog Vendor


Rod Daniel
Joe Medjuck
Len Blum
Bill Butler
Randy Edelman
Composer (Music Score)
Sheldon Kahn
Gordon A. Webb
Sheldon Kahn
Associate Producer
Ivan Reitman
Executive Producer
Cosmas Demetriou
Set Designer
Daniel Maltese
Set Designer
April Ferry
Costume Designer
Cellin Gluck
First Assistant Director
Gordon A. Webb
Unit Production Manager
Kevin Bartnof
Foley Artist