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Beerfest Details


Two guys used to drinking beer for fun suddenly become fierce competitors in a sort of Lager Olympics in this over-the-top comedy. Todd Wolfhouse (Erik Stolhanske) and his brother Jan (Paul Soter) are from a German-American family but have never visited the Old Country until their grandfather dies and they fly to Germany to scatter his ashes. Todd and Jan arrive during the annual Oktoberfest celebration and accidentally discover a secret competition, "Beerfest," in which the world's leading beer guzzlers determine who can handle the most brew during several days of heated drinking games. Todd and Jan are no slouches when it comes to downing suds and offer to compete, but the German branch of the family, the Von Wolfhausens, scoff at their desire to enter the contest and inform them no mere American could hope to carry away the Beerfest honors. Determined to prove Yanks can swill beer and embarrass themselves just as well as anyone, Todd and Jan bring their most skilled drinking buddies to Germany to defend America's honor on the field of drunken battle and show their German relatives that the family's talent didn't vanish when they crossed the pond. Beerfest was written and directed by Jay Chandrasekhar of the comedy troupe Broken Lizard, and several other Broken Lizard members pop up in the film's cast, as do Will Forte, Mo'nique, Cloris Leachman, and Jürgen Prochnow. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:August 25, 2006


Jay Chandrasekhar
as Barry
Jay Chandrasekhar
as Blind Sikh
Kevin Heffernan
as Landfill
Steve Lemme
as Steve 'Fink' Finklestein
Kevin Heffernan
as Gil
Kevin Heffernan
as Sausage Lady
Steve Lemme
as Emcee
Paul Soter
as Jan Wolfhouse
Erik Stolhanske
as Todd Wolfhouse
Erik Stolhanske
as Young Baron Ludwig
Will Forte
as Otto
Ralf Moeller
as Hammacher
as Cherry
Eric Christian Olsen
as Gunter
Jürgen Prochnow
as Baron Wolfgang von Wolfhausen
Cloris Leachman
as Great Gam Gam
M.C. Gainey
as Priest
Cameron Scher
as Helmut
Owain Yeoman
as Aussie Sailor
Tom Tate
as Aussie Sailor
Allan Graf
as Soup Waiter
Bjorn Johnson
as Mr. Schniedelwichsen
Collin Thornton
as Little Boy
Pab Schwendimann
as Door Bouncer
Philippe Brenninkmeyer
as Herr Referee
Jessica Williams
as Inga
Aaron Hendry
as Pim Scutney
Michael Yurchak
as Rog Gobshire
Nat Faxon
as Rolf
Gunther Schlierkamp
as Schlemmer
Blanchard Ryan
as Krista Krundle
Isaac Kappy
as Hustler
Robert Washington
as Viking Master
Leanna Kristen
as Little Tough Chick
Audrey Marie Anderson
as Giddy Girl
Megan Robinson
as Giddy Girl
Arron Shiver
as Strike Out Kid
Amber Hay
as "Cops" Girl
Galen Hutchison
as Wiseass Partygoer
James Roday
as German Messenger
Candace Smith
as Naomi
Brittney Higgins
as Todd's Wife
Sarah Figoten
as Young Gam Gam
Marc Mouchet
as Karl Schumacher
James Grace
as Canadian
Tom Carver
as Canadian
Ben Zeller
as Spectator
Ivan Brutsche
as Spectator
Sabrina Javor
as Rog's Girl
Rohit Sang
as Raj Kuma
Richard Perello
as Bartender Percy
Gary Kanin
as Old Vet


Jay Chandrasekhar
Kevin Heffernan
Jay Chandrasekhar
Bill Gerber
Richard Perello
Paul Soter
Erik Stolhanske
Steve Lemme
Steve Lemme
Erik Stolhanske
Paul Soter
Broken Lizard
Jay Chandrasekhar
Kevin Heffernan
Frank G. de Marco
Nathan Barr
Composer (Music Score)
Lee Haxall
Clark Hunter
Production Designer
David Baca
Art Director
Artist Robinson
Associate Producer
Michael Beugg
Executive Producer
Thomas Tull
Executive Producer
William Fay
Executive Producer
Peter E. Lengyel
Executive Producer
Marisa Frantz
Set Designer
Gabriella Villarreal
Set Decorator
Tricia Gray
Costume Designer
Artist Robinson
First Assistant Director
Robert Barocci
Camera Operator
Venus Kanani
Mary Vernieu
Steve Litecky
Chief Lighting Technician
Sheri Kornhaber
Department Head Makeup
Deanna Stadler
Second Assistant Director
Debra Clair
Hair Styles
Philip Pfeiffer
Second Unit Director
Michael Beugg
Unit Production Manager
Christopher Windisch
Construction Coordinator
Pacific Title
Title Design
Dwayne Grady
Properties Master
Katie Douthit
Key Hairstylist
Susan Maas
Post Production Supervisor
Sara Bozik
Jumbulingam Chandrasekhar
Additional Editing
Bob Dohrmann
Production Supervisor
Linda Vallejo
Key Make-up
Jason Piccioni
Visual Effects Supervisor
Rebecca Fulton
Script Supervisor
Tim LeBlanc
Re-Recording Mixer
Chad Stahelski
Stunts Coordinator