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Falling somewhere between the [[Feature~V178801~Beyond the Fringe~beyondtheringoffire]] school and the Monty Python league, Bedazzled is an irreverent Faust take-off, written by and starring [[Performer~P85778~Peter Cook~petercook]] and [[Performer~P103371~Dudley Moore~dudleymoore]] ([[Performer~P103371~Moore~dudleymoore]] also composed the music). [[Performer~P103371~Moore~dudleymoore]] plays a short-order cook at a London Wimpyburger restaurant, who falls hopelessly in love with waitress [[Performer~P8674~Eleanor Bron~eleanorbron]]. About to commit suicide, the broken-hearted [[Performer~P103371~Moore~dudleymoore]] is approached by Satan ([[Performer~P85778~Peter Cook~petercook]]). The Fallen Angel offers to purchase [[Performer~P103371~Moore~dudleymoore]]'s soul in exchange for seven wishes--the first of which is squandered when Satan buys [[Performer~P103371~Moore~dudleymoore]] an ice cream bar (something over which the two stars quarrel throughout the film). Enticed by living personifications of the Deadly Sins--[[Performer~P75368~Raquel Welch~raquelwelch]], wearing next to nothing, is "Lillian Lust"--[[Performer~P103371~Moore~dudleymoore]] allows Satan to grant him his heart's desire, utilizing the magic words, "[[Performer~P1721~Julie Andrews~julieandrews]]!" But with each wish, Satan, being Satan, can't help but gum up the works with a double-cross. The desperate [[Performer~P103371~Moore~dudleymoore]] ultimately wishes to be allowed to spend the rest of his life with Eleanor in an environment with no other men--whereupon Satan transforms both Eleanor and [[Performer~P103371~Moore~dudleymoore]] into nuns! Finally Satan has a change of heart, allowing [[Performer~P103371~Moore~dudleymoore]] and Eleanor to fall in love in more orthodox surroundings and permitting [[Performer~P103371~Moore~dudleymoore]] to regain his soul. Satan hopes that God will appreciate this good deed and allow him to re-enter Heaven. But God doesn't buy this; He's satisfied with Satan remaining mankind's "necessary evil". ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Peter Cook
as George Spiggott
Dudley Moore
as Stanley Moon
Eleanor Bron
as Margaret Spencer
Raquel Welch
as Lillian Lust
Bernard Spear
as Irving Moses
Barry Humphries
as Envy
Parnell McGarry
as Gluttony
Daniele Noel
as Avarice
Howard Goorney
as Sloth
Robin Hawdon
as Randolph
Michael Trubshawe
as Lord Dowdy
Charles Lloyd Pack
as Vicar
Betty Cooper
as Sister Phoebe
Peter Hutchins
as P.C. Roberts
Erik Chitty
as Seed
Max Faulkner
as Priest
Martin Boddey
as Cardinal
Anna Turner
as Shop assistant
John Steiner
as TV announcer


Stanley Donen
Stanley Donen
Peter Cook
Austin Dempster
Dudley Moore
Composer (Music Score)
Richard Marden