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The first mainstream animated feature film directly aimed at African American audiences, Hyperion Productions' Bebe's Kids is based on a comedy routine by the late Robin Harris. Voiced by Faison Love, Harris endures a "date from hell" when he goes out with the lovely Jamika. His romantic rendezvous is ruined when he is stuck with Jamika's son-as well as Bebe's kids, three little horrors spawned from three different fathers. The worst of the batch is unhousebroken baby Peewee. The film manages within its 74 minute timeframe to skewer such topics as Hip-Hop music, urban riots and whitebread theme parks. Further proof that this is not a Disney flick was provided by the folks from the Motion Picture Production Code office, who bestowed a PG-13 rating upon the film. Bebe's Kids was released theatrically in tandem with the cartoon short [[Feature~V78177~Itsy Bitsy Spider~therealstoryofitsybitsyspider]], which was later spun off into a TV series. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

  • Release date:July 31, 1992


Faizon Love
as Robin Harris
Vanessa Bell Calloway
as Jamika
Jonell Green
as LaShawn
Marques Houston
as Kahlil
as Pee Wee
Myra J.
as Dorothea
Nell Carter
as Vivian
Wayne Collins, Jr.
as Leon
Barry Diamond
as Nuclear Father
Doris Hess
Michelle Davison
Bebe Drake
as Barfly
Rich Little
as Richard Nixon
John Witherspoon
as 1st Card Player
Barry Diamond
as Motorcycle Cop
Louie Anderson
as Security Guard
Judi M. Durand
Jack Lynch
as Richie
John La Fayette
Rodney Winfield
as 3rd Card Player
Tom Everett
as 2nd Security Guard
DeVaughn Walter Nixon
Arvie Lowe, Jr.
Gary Schwartz
Philip Glasser
as Opie
Susan Silo
as Rodney Rodent
George D. Wallace
as 4th Card Player
J.D. Hall
Pete Renaday
as Announcer/ President Lincoln/ Impericon/ Tommy Toad
Susan Silo
as Nuclear Mother
Barbara Iley
Tina Lifford
Chino "Fats" Williams
as 2nd Card Player
Brad Sanders
as Bartender
Reynaldo Rey
as Lush
Susan Silo
as Ticketlady
Greg Finley
Eileen Mack Knight


Bruce W. Smith
Reginald Hudlin
Thomas L. Wilhite
Willard Carroll
Warrington Hudlin
Reginald Hudlin
Lynne Southerland
Fred Cline
Production Designer
David R. Cobb
Lynne Southerland
Associate Producer
Lennie Graves
Frans Vischer
Chris Buck