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The Baxter Details


A man with a "doormat" personality tries standing up for himself for a change in this comedy. Mild mannered tax accountant Elliot Sherman (Michael Showalter) is what he calls a "Baxter": the kind of calm, unexciting fellow who "wears sock garters" and "enjoys raking leaves." Loved by bosses and parents, Elliot is a perfectly nice guy. And that's his problem -- he's safe and pleasant, but not very interesting, so as a consequence he hasn't had much luck with long-term relationships, and more than one woman has abandoned him for someone more exciting. Elliot believes his luck has finally changed for the better when he becomes engaged to Caroline Swann (Elizabeth Banks), a smart and attractive editor at a successful magazine. However, a few weeks before the wedding, who should come back into Caroline's life but Bradley Lake (Justin Theroux), her high school sweetheart and, according to many, the great love of her life. Bradley quickly makes it clear that he wants to win Caroline back, and generally in such circumstances Elliot would politely step aside, but just this once Elliot decides to fight for the woman he loves. Elliot gains an unexpected champion in Cecil Mills (Michelle Williams), a frumpy but adorable temp employee at his office who encourages Elliot to develop a take-charge attitude, though the results aren't quite what he expects. The Baxter was written and directed by Michael Showalter, who also plays Elliot; Showalter was a member of the sketch comedy troupe the State, and also works with the comedy performance trio Stella, whose other members, Michael Ian Black and David Wain, also appear in the movie. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:August 26, 2005


Michael Showalter
as Elliot Sherman
Elizabeth Banks
as Caroline Swann
Michelle Williams
as Cecil Mills
Justin Theroux
as Bradley Lake
Zak Orth
as Wendall Wimms
Michael Ian Black
as Ed
Catherine Lloyd Burns
as Stella
Peter Dinklage
as Benson Hedges
Paul Rudd
as Dan Abbott
David Wain
as Louis Lewis
A.D. Miles
as Bar Baxter #1
Joe Lo Truglio
as Bar Baxter #2
Seth Herzog
as Bar Baxter #3
Jenny Maguire
as Peg
Donna Mitchell
as Judy Swann
Leslie Lyles
as Sheila Sherman
Bobby Tisdale
as Emcee
Peter Stadlen
as Young Elliot
Sarah Drew
as Serena
Gabriel Millman
as Max
Haviland Morris
as Kate
Michael Portnoy
as Interpretive Dancer
Jim DeMarse
as Leonard Sherman
Marylouise Burke
as Delores
Audrie Neenan
as Pastor Pritchard
John Devries
as Alan Swann
Chris Spain
as Tanner Bates
Maya Goldsmith
as Muffy
Ken Marino
as Jack Mechanic


Michael Showalter
Celine Rattray
Reagan Silber
Daniela Taplin-Lundberg
Galt Niederhoffer
Michael Showalter
Tim Orr
Craig Wedren
Composer (Music Score)
Glen Caplin
Musical Direction/Supervision
Theodore Shapiro
Composer (Music Score)
Jacob Craycroft
Sarah Flack
Mark White
Production Designer
Jonathan Shoemaker
Holly Becker
Executive Producer
Caroline Kaplan
Executive Producer
Jonathan Sehring
Executive Producer
Jill Kliber
Costume Designer
Jill Newell
Costume Designer
Susie Farris