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Battle for the Planet of the Apes Details


The fifth and last of the original series of motion pictures based upon author Pierre Boulle's imaginative novel Monkey Planet, this science fiction film was the least-liked by the series' legion of fans. Roddy McDowall returns as Caesar, the rebellious intelligent chimp of the previous film, Roddy McDowall (1972). Caesar led his brethren in a revolution against their human masters earlier, but humanity has since nearly destroyed itself in a nuclear apocalypse, and survivors are second-class citizens within ape society. Now a beneficent ruler of his people, Caesar encourages a fragile, peaceful coexistence with humans, despite the protests of militaristic gorilla leader General Aldo (Claude Akins). When Caesar learns that recordings of his murdered parents may exist in the Forbidden City, he journeys to the irradiated wasteland with the human MacDonald (Austin Stoker) and the wise orangutan Virgil (Paul Williams). Although Caesar finds what he's looking for, he also attracts unwanted attention: mutant humans who still dwell underground in the devastated war zone follow the search party back home, leading to a climactic battle and Aldo's tragic challenge of Caesar's authority. Suffering greatly due to penny-pinching studio 20th Century Fox's low budget, Battle for the Planet of the Apes (1973) is most notable for a cameo by director John Huston as an ape named "The Lawgiver," who appears in a wraparound segment. ~ Karl Williams, Rovi

  • Release date:June 15, 1973


Roddy McDowall
as Caesar
Claude Akins
as Aldo
Natalie Trundy
as Lisa
Severn Darden
as Kolp
Lew Ayres
as Mandemus
Paul Williams
as Virgil
John Huston
as The Lawgiver
Colleen Camp
as Julie
John Landis
as Jake's friend
Austin Stoker
as MacDonald
France Nuyen
as Alma
Noah Keen
as Teacher
Pat Cardi
as Young Chimp
Bob Porter
as Cornelius
Andrew Knight
as Mutant on Motorcycle


J. Lee Thompson
Leonard Rosenman
Composer (Music Score)
Dale Hennesy
Art Director
Frank Capra, Jr.
Associate Producer
Herman Lewis
Sound/Sound Designer
Ric Rondell
First Assistant Director