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Battle of the Coral Sea Details


The preparation for the Battle of the Coral Sea is the basis of this wartime drama. A submarine captained by Jeff Conway (Cliff Robertson) successfully scouts the location of enemy installations, ships, and subs and then starts to head back to friendly waters. Before chugging very far in that direction, the submarine is spotted and captured by the Japanese. The crew members are taken prisoner by an even-handed Commander Mori (Teru Shimada) and held on the Japanese forces' island base. While chaffing under a ticking clock as the day of the final confrontation draws near, an island woman is secretly enlisted to help smuggle out three of the prisoners. If they can make it off the island to their own base, then the all-important information on the Japanese positions will tip the scales in favor of the U.S. Navy. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi


Cliff Robertson
as Lt. Comdr. Jeff Conway
Gia Scala
as Karen Philips
Teru Shimada
as Comdr. Mori
Patricia Cutts
as Lt. Peg Whitcomb
Gene Blakely
as Lt. Len Ross
Rian Garrick
as Al Schechter
L.Q. Jones
as Yeoman Halliday
Robin Hughes
as Maj. Jammy Harris
Gordon Jones
as Torpedo man Bates
Tom Laughlin
as Ens. Franklin
Carlyle Mitchell
as Adm. McCabe
Patrick Westwood
as Simes
Jon-Mikl Thor
as Army Major


Paul Wendkos
Charles H. Schneer
Dan Ullman
Stephen Kandel
Ernest Gold
Composer (Music Score)
Chester Schaeffer