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Calvin ([[Performer~P34311~Ice Cube~icecube]]) never wanted to take over the family business, a barbershop on the south side of Chicago. Disgusted with the shop's crime-ridden neighborhood, and caught up in his moneymaking schemes, one morning Calvin decides to sell the shop to the shady Lester ([[Performer~P17174~Keith David~keithdavid]]). Chastised by his pregnant wife, Jennifer ([[Performer~P329040~Jazsmin Lewis~jazsminlewis]]), for his rash decision, Calvin spends the day cutting heads at the shop, and starts to understand the importance of the legacy his grandfather and father have left to him. The bickering barbers include Eddie ([[Performer~P237294~Cedric the Entertainer~cedrictheentertainer]]), the old-timer with his own unique perspective on black life; Terri (rapper [[Performer~P329037~Eve~eve]] in her film debut), a hot-tempered woman with a trifling boyfriend; Jimmy ([[Performer~P267968~Sean Patrick Thomas~seanpatrickthomas]]), a college educated snob; Ricky ([[Performer~P329038~Michael Ealy~michaelealy]]) a reformed criminal; Isaac ([[Performer~P277006~Troy Garity~troygarity]], the son of [[Performer~P24098~Jane Fonda~janefonda]] and [[Performer~P228973~Tom Hayden~tomhayden]]), a white B-Boy, whom no one is ready to let cut their hair; and Dinka ([[Performer~P329039~Leonard Howze~leonardearlhowze]]), a recent African immigrant who's too shy to express his feelings for Terri. Calvin learns to appreciate them all, and discovers that the place where they work is more than just a place to get a haircut -- it's a meeting place for the neighborhood, a place where folks can speak their minds and find out what's happening. Calvin gradually changes his mind about selling the shop, but it may be too late. Meanwhile, a bumbling thief, J.D. ([[Performer~P269163~Anthony Anderson~anthonyanderson]]) spends a painful day trying to crack open the ATM he's stolen from the grocery store across the street. Barbershop was directed by [[Performer~P266034~Tim Story~timstory]] and produced by [[Performer~P231879~George Tillman Jr.~georgetillmanjr]] and [[Performer~P231873~Robert Teitel~robertteitel]], the producers of [[Feature~V158537~Soul Food~soulfood]]. Barbershop had its world premiere at the 2002 Urbanworld Film Festival. ~ Josh Ralske, Rovi

  • Release date:September 13, 2002


Ice Cube
as Calvin Palmer
Anthony Anderson
as J.D.
Cedric the Entertainer
as Eddie
Sean Patrick Thomas
as Jimmy James
as Terri Jones
Troy Garity
as Isaac Rosenberg
Michael Ealy
as Ricky Nash
Leonard Earl Howze
as Dinka
Keith David
as Lester
Jazsmin Lewis
as Jennifer Palmer
Lahmard Tate
as Bill7
Tom Wright
as Detective Williams
Mark Simmons
as Customer Rob
Ebboney Wilson
as Little Kid
Jasmine Randle
as Gabby
Marcia Wright
as Angry Woman
Rhonda Bobo
as Ricky's Girlfriend
Woody Bolar
as Customer Artis
Marshall Titus
as Customer Joe
Saralynne Crittenden
as Big Mamma
Dana Min Goodman
as Cashier
Carl Wright
as Checkers Fred
Pat "Soul" Scaggs
as Motel Manager
Dev Kennedy
as Detective Williams' Partner
Janina Gavankar
as Fine Woman
Maestro Harrell
as Customer Tillman
Parvesh Cheena
as Samir
Vince Green
as Waiting Customer
Cliff Frazier
as Customer Kwame
DeRay Davis
as Hustle Guy
Jalen Rose
as Himself
Lorenzo Clemons
as Bank Manager
Olumiji Olawumi
as Jay
Toyiah Marquis
as Samir's Wife
Montina Woods
as Rhonda Watts
Sonya Eddy
as Janelle
Jason Winston George
as Kevin
Cynthia Maddox
as Prison Guard
Eric Lane
as Customer Rodney
Deon Cole
as Customer Darrel
Llou Johnson
as Salesman
Norm Van Lier
as Customer Sam
Steven Simoncic
as Officer With Photo
Kwame Amoaku
as Stair Guy
Scott Dent
as Boy
Cerall Duncan
as Kevin's Other Woman
Eddie Bo Smith, Jr.
as Crazy Inmate
Cassandra Lewis
as Young Mom
Kevin Morrow
as Monk
Matt Orlando
as Officer
Satya Lee
as Korean Woman


Tim Story
Robert Teitel
Mark Brown
George Tillman, Jr.
Mark Brown
Marshall Todd
Mark Brown
Screen Story
Don D. Scott
Tom Priestley Jr.
Terence Blanchard
Composer (Music Score)
Roger Fortune
Production Designer
Matt Alvarez
Executive Producer
George Kohut
Camera Operator
Felicia Fasano
Mary Vernieu
David Morenz
First Assistant Camera
David Malley
Production Secretary
Bruce Ahlfeld
Construction Foreman
John Berlin
Title Design
Colin Slaby
Second Assistant Camera
John Slove
Construction Foreman
Renard Poche
Musical Performer
Gus Medina
Foley Mixer