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The Ballad of Little Jo Details


The Ballad of Little Jo is based on a true story -- several true stories, in fact. Suzy Amis plays demure young Josephine Monagan, who in 1866 is run out of her home town after bearing an illegitimate child. Fleeing westward, Josephine is terrified by stories of how treacherous the frontier can be for a woman alone. As a result, upon arriving in the muddy burg of Ruby City, she disguises herself as a man, going so far as to scar her face to suggest that she's been in a few scrapes. In this guise, "Little Jo" does just fine by herself for nearly 30 years! Almost as good as Suzy Amis is Bo Hopkins as gunslinger Frank Badger, Little Jo's best buddy (if only he knew....) Written and directed by Maggie Greenwald, The Ballad of Little Jo does a marvelous job conveying the people and places of its period; and, unlike Maggie Greenwald (which was released around the same time), we aren't bludgeoned to death by feminist revisionism. Unfortunately ignored when it went out to theatres in the fall of 1993, The Ballad of Little Jo has fared rather better on video. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Awarded by
Independent Spirit Awards Suzy Amis Best Actress 1993 Nominee
Independent Spirit Awards David Chung Best Supporting Actor 1993 Nominee


Suzy Amis
as Little Jo Monaghan
Bo Hopkins
as Frank Badger
Ian McKellen
as Percy Corcoran
David Chung
as Tinman Wong
Carrie Snodgress
as Ruth Badger
René Auberjonois
as Streight Hollander
Heather Graham
as Mary Addie
Jim Dunkin
as Mr. Brown
Sam Robards
as Jasper Hill
Jeffery Passero
Ruth Maleczech
as Shop Keeper
Olinda Turturro
as Elvira
Cathy Haase
as Mrs. Addie
Tracy Mayfield
as John
Michael Ruud
as Russian Father
Sean Murphy
as Young Henry Grey
Tom Bower
as Lyle (uncredited)
Anthony Heald
as Mr. Henry Grey
Melissa Leo
as Mrs. Grey


Maggie Greenwald
Fred Berner
Barry Bernardi
Maggie Greenwald
Declan Quinn
David Mansfield
Composer (Music Score)
Felipe Borrero
Musical Direction/Supervision
Keith Reamer
Mark Friedberg
Production Designer
Ginger Tougas
Art Director
Ira Deutchman
Executive Producer
John Sloss
Executive Producer
Stephanie Carroll
Set Designer
Claudia Brown
Costume Designer
Cas Donovan
First Assistant Director
Lisa Zimble
First Assistant Director
Jim Halty