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Bakayaroo! (Watakushi, Okotteimasu) Details


Four closely related stories are told in this unusual film, all of them written by Yoshimitsu Morita and filmed by four separate directors. In all of them, the main characters are desperately seeking something which circumstances lead them to reassess either before or after they get it. In the last segment, a man who has gotten a job transfer to Chicago has to learn how to actually speak English, and he seeks out a number of resident foreigners in order to accomplish that goal. Every one of the foreigners is so unpleasant that he is led to reconsider whether he wants to spend the next few years among such people. In an earlier segment, a young woman lives just a little too far from Tokyo's "date centers" for comfort: she must use public transportation to meet her friends and would-be lovers, but it shuts down at midnight. As a consequence, she loses a good romantic prospect because he finds the tiny amount of time she can spend with him too frustrating. ~ Clarke Fountain, Rovi


Haruko Sagara
as Shizuka Atsugi
Tsuyoshi Ihara
as Kazuki Numayama
Hiroshi Isobe
as Mamaoru Oishi
Maeko Ogawa
as Tamako Shiraishi
Yasuo Daichi
as Masahisa Masako
Keiko Saito
as Tokuko Muraoka
Kaoru Kobayashi
as Sigeru Sakisaka
Shigeru Muroi
as Nanako


Yoshimitsu Morita
Koichi Kawakami
Isao Tomita
Hisayuki Miyamoto
Sound/Sound Designer