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Bad Boys II Details


Stars Martin Lawrence and Will Smith return along with director Michael Bay and producer Jerry Bruckheimer for this sequel to the 1995 sleeper hit Bad Boys, the film that sparked the careers of both actors, as well as Bay. Once again, Lawrence and Smith play hotshot, wisecracking Miami narcotics officers Marcus Burnett and Mike Lowrey. This time around, Burnett and Lowrey have been assigned to head up a task force to investigate the illegal trafficking of ecstasy into the city. They discover that an underground gang war has been instigated by drug kingpin Johnny Tapia (Jordi Molla). In order to cut off the flow of the designer drug, they have to take down Tapia. Unfortunately, there's a wrench thrown into the gears in the form of Burnett's sister Syd, whom Lowrey takes a liking to and begins a relationship with. Tensions rise between the partners, threatening both their friendship and the investigation and putting Syd in harm's way. Also returning from the first film are Joe Pantoliano as Captain Howard, Theresa Randle as Burnett's wife Theresa, and former-NBA star John Salley as 'Hacker' Fletcher. Among the supporting players new to this entry in the series are Peter Stormare and musician, spoken-word artist, and sometimes-actor Henry Rollins. ~ Matthew Tobey, Rovi

  • Release date:July 18, 2003


Martin Lawrence
as Det. Marcus Burnett
Will Smith
as Det. Mike Lowrey
Jordi Mollà
as Johnny Tapia
Gabrielle Union
as Sydney Burnett
Peter Stormare
as Alexei
Theresa Randle
as Theresa Burnett
Joe Pantoliano
as Captain Howard
Michael Shannon
as Floyd Poteet
Jon Seda
as Roberto
Yul Vázquez
as Detective Mateo Reyes
Otto Sanchez
as Carlos
Henry Rollins
as TNT Leader
Antoni Corone
as DEA Tony Dodd
John Salley
as 'Hacker' Fletcher
Sharon Wilkins
as Heavy Black Woman
Shannon Briggs
as Haitian Gang
Treva Etienne
as Icepick
Oleg Taktarov
as Josef
Michael Bay
as Crappy Car Driver
Anthony Correa
as Mortuary Security Guy
Jennifer Diaz
as Alpha 66 Lupe
Fernando Gaviria
as Tapia Muscle Crew
J. Michael Tiedeberg
as Thug Sized Ambulance Guy
Steve Gibb
as Klansman
Peter D. Badalamenti
as Guy In Holding Area
James Zelley
as Klan Leader
Bruno Ramos
as Haitian Gang
Carlos Guity
as Haitian Gang
Dave Corey
as FBI Eames
Ralph Navarro
as Tapia Muscle Crew
Nancy Duerr
as Female Police Psychologist
Ivelin Giro
as Hot Cuban Nurse
Sean Lampkin
as Zook Pest Control Owner
Gregory Bastien
as Haitian Gang
Jon Beshara
as Alpha 66/Fake Drunk
Paul Villaverde
as TNT Dexter
Timothy James Adams
as DEA Van
Alexandra Warren
as Medical Examiner
Irwin Gould
as Haitian Gang
Damaris Justamente
as Group Therapist
Rey Gallegos
as Tito
Dennis Green
as Reggie
Dan Marino
as Himself
Reggie Pierre
as Haitian Gang
Keith Hudson
as DEA Agent
Rey Hernandez
as TNT Zank
Todd Terry
as Haitian Gang
Gary Nickens
as TNT Fanuti
Cash Casia
as Hot South Beach Woman
Tiara Harris
as Haitian Girl
Bill Erfurth
as Alpha 12
J.D. Walsh
as Sales Tech
Bryan Bottinelli
as Little Boy
Alissa Mullins-Diaz
as Tapia's Daughter
Kiko Ellsworth
as Blond Dread
Anthony Giaimo
as Gay Hairdresser
Tevarus Smalls
as James Burnett
Christopher J. Campbell
as Shadowy Figure
Edward Finlay
as Skinny Kid
Pedro Telemaco
as Baseball Cap Cuban
Bobby Talbert
as AWAC Techie
Raymond Tong
as Haitian Gang
Mike Francis
as Ice Van Driver
Frank Uria
as Tapia Muscle Crew
Gino Salvano
as Tapia Muscle Crew
Jessica Karr
as Female Corpse
Bianca Bethune
as Megan Burnett
Bubba Baker
as Klansman
Emerson Forth
as Boat Dock Guy
Gloria Irizarry
as Donna Maria Tapia
Scott Cumberbatch
as Quincy Burnett
Veryl E. Jones
as DEA Taylor
Alhia Chacoff
as Maid
Renee Reilly
as Hot South Beach Woman
Reggie Stanley
as Haitian Gang
Rick Gavreau
as TNT Lunt


Michael Bay
Jerry Bruckheimer
Ron Shelton
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Ron Shelton
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