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Backyard Details


Because he was Vitagraph's second-string comic, Jimmy Aubrey was forced to film a lot of his comedies out of doors (the studio's main comic, Larry Semon, generally took over the sets). As a result, the slum setting of this two-reeler was a common one for Aubrey. Jimmy gets involved with a gang of street kids who are playing with bows and arrows. One of the arrows hits a cop and Jimmy is blamed. He finds himself pursued by the whole force, but he manages to get away and locks himself in the police station. When the cops accidentally knock out their desk sergeant, Jimmy puts on his uniform and tricks them all into knocking each other out. He goes for a stroll in the cop outfit and a woman tells him to arrest a ruffian (Oliver Hardy). This is easier said than done, and Jimmy gets the worst of it. A millionaire (Jack Ackroyd) enlists Jimmy to help find his granddaughter, who turns out to be the girl the ruffian is holding hostage. In spite of more ill treatment at the hands of the ruffian, Jimmy manages to rescue the girl. A car hits the ruffian and knocks him out. Jimmy drags him to the police station, which impresses the cops to no end. ~ Janiss Garza, Rovi


Jimmy Aubrey
Oliver Hardy
as Ruffian
Kathleen Myers
as His Daughter