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Back Roads Details


For his follow-up to 1979's Academy Award-winning , director Martin Ritt re-teams with that film's star, Sally Field, for this gritty romantic road comedy. Reportedly Ritt's homage to Frank Capra's films of the 1930s, Back Roads stars Field as Amy Post, a no-nonsense prostitute in the deep South struggling with the fact that she gave up her only child for adoption. When Amy first encounters the recently unemployed Elmore Pratt (Tommy Lee Jones), she is anything but fond of the drifter. But after taking to the road together with dreams of California, the two societal misfits find themselves falling for each other. Ritt and Field would team together once again four years later in another romantic comedy set in the South, Ritt. ~ Matthew Tobey, Rovi


Sally Field
as Amy Post
Tommy Lee Jones
as Elmore Pratt
David Keith
as Mason
Miriam Colon
as Angel
Michael Vincente Gazzo
as Tazio
Dan Shor
as Spivey
M. Emmet Walsh
as Arthur
Barbara Babcock
as Rickey's Mom
Nell Carter
as Waitress
Alex Colon
as Enrique
Woody Watson
as Larry
John Wilmot
as Ed
David Powladge
as Fight Announcer
Don "Red" Barry
as Pete
Billy Jayne
as The Boy Thief
John Dennis Johnston
as Gilly
Ralph Seymour
as Gosler
Eric Laneuville
as Pinball Wizard
Eliott Keener
as Willis
John M. Jackson
as Merle
Royce D. Applegate
as Father
Henry Slate
as Grover
Tony Ganios
as Bartini
Fred Baldwin
as Gordy
Richard Boyle
as Ernest
Lee de Broux
as Red
Bill Holliday
as Isaac
Brian Frishman
as Bleitz
David Dahlgren
as Mel


Martin Ritt
Ronald Shedlo
Gary de Vore
John A. Alonzo
Alan Bergman
Henry Mancini
Composer (Music Score)
Marilyn Bergman
Sid Levin
Gregory Garrison
Set Designer