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One of the Philippines' most prolific filmmakers, Adolfo B. Alix Jr., explores sexism and political terrorism in this drama. Aurora (Rosanna Roces) is a social worker working with the poor in a jungle village. One day, Aurora is attacked by a group of rebels who were once part of a Muslim activist group; having grown disenchanted with their faith, they've become terrorists who lash out against the world in misguided anarchy rather than a sense of purpose. Aurora is captured and raped by the rebels, and taken back to their camp in the jungle; she manages to find her way out, but finding her way home through the underbrush is all but impossible, and she's found by two of the men who abducted her, leaving her in even worse straits than before. One of three films Alix released in 2009, Aurora proved controversial in the Philippines for the scene in which Rosanna Roces is raped; the film was given an X rating by Philippine censors and the rape was cut from the film, while Alix and his producers have launched a campaign to restore the scene, insisting its purpose was realism and not sensationalism. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi


Adolfo Alix Jr.
Arleen Cuevas
Adolfo Alix Jr.
Albert Banzon
Aleks Castaneda
Jerome Zamora
Art Director