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Attack of the Puppet People Details


Attack of the Puppet People is one of the few "mad scientist" opuses of the 1950s to be motivated by loneliness rather than megalomania. John Hoyt plays Franz, a seedy European doll-maker who harbors a crush on his secretary Sally (June Kenney). When Sally makes plans to marry Franz' top employee Bob (John Agar), strange things begin to happen. Before long, both Bob and Sally have been shrunken to doll-size by Franz, who keeps a retinue of living "puppet people" to avoid being left alone. Eventually, the little ones rebel against their addlepated but basically harmless keeper, though there's never any "attack" per se. Most of the acting is amateurish, with the exception of the always reliable John Hoyt; the special effects are somewhat better, but still nothing to write home about. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


John Agar
as Bob Westley
Michael Mark
as Emil
Jack Kosslyn
as Sgt. Paterson
Laurie Mitchell
as Georgia
Susan Gordon
as Agnes
June Jocelyn
as Brownie Leader
Jean Moorhead
as Janet
Hank Patterson
as Doorman
Hal Bogart
as Mailman
Bill Giorgio
as Janitor
Mark Lowell
as Salesman
June Kenney
as Solly Reynolds
Ken Miller
as Stan
John Hoyt
as Mr. Franz
June Kenney
as Solly Reynolds
Ken Miller
as Stan


Bert I. Gordon
Bert I. Gordon
Bert I. Gordon
George Worthing Yates
Ernest Laszlo
Albert Glasser
Composer (Music Score)