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Atlas Shrugged Part I Details


This adaptation of Ayn Rand's 1957 objectivist novel Atlas Shrugged tells the first installment in the story of a dystopian future in which a collectivist society has forced the great thinkers of the world to go on strike, leaving the functioning world without scientists, engineers, philosophers, or artists. Set against this stark backdrop, a railroad heiress named Dagny Taggart tries to bring her failing company back from the brink with the development of a new alloy to repair breaks in the lines, and hopefully calm the business' vital corporate partnership with an oil company. But with the endless bureaucracy of an evil and corrupt government fighting her at every turn, and her own inept brother battling her for control, Dagny soon finds that in order to set things right in her world, things must be set right in the world at large. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

  • Release date:April 15, 2011


Taylor Schilling
as Dagny Taggart
Grant Bowler
as Henry "Hank" Rearden
Matthew Marsden
as James Taggart
Edi Gathegi
as Eddie Willers
Jsu Garcia
as Francisco D'Anconia
Graham Beckel
as Ellis Wyatt
Jon Polito
as Orren Boyle
Patrick Fischler
as Paul Larkin
Rebecca Wisocky
as Lillian Rearden
Michael Lerner
as Wesley Mouch
Neill Barry
as Philip Rearden
Christina Pickles
as Mother Rearden
Paul Johansson
as John Galt
Joel McKinnon Miller
as Herbert Mowen
Steven Chester Prince
as Engineer
Navid Negahban
as Dr. Robert Stadler
Annabelle Gurwitch
as Reporter #2
Ethan Cohn
as Owen Kellogg
Christopher Mur
as Marco Ramirez
Jack Milo
as Richard McNamara
Matt O'Toole
as Brenden Brady
David Goryl
as Jay Knight
Daisy McCrackin
as Clerk
David Doty
as Mayor Bascom
Rob Brownstein
as Eugene Lawson
June Squibb
as Mrs. Hastings
Michael O'Keefe
as Hugh Akston
Mercedes Connor
as Cherryl Brooks
Frank Cassavetes
as Diner Bum
Geoffrey Pierson
as Michael "Midas" Mulligan
Derric Nugent
as Fire Chief
Mel Fair
as Newscaster 2


Paul Johansson
Harmon M. Kaslow
Ross Berryman
Elia Cmiral
Composer (Music Score)
Sherril Schlesinger
Jim Flynn
John Mott
Production Designer
Howard Baldwin
Executive Producer
Karen Baldwin
Executive Producer
Mike Marvin
Executive Producer
Gina B. Cranham
Set Designer
Lori Mazuer
Set Decorator
Jennifer Soulages
Costume Designer
David Van Slyke
Sound/Sound Designer
Aaron Barsky
First Assistant Director
Dennis Grzesik
Sound Mixer
Robert Sharman
Sound Mixer
Sharon Howard-Field
Ronnie Yeskel
Tony Pirzadeh
Visual Effects Producer
David Sabee
Christi Work
Costumes Supervisor
Bruce Wayne Gilles
Line Producer
Bruce Wayne Gilles
Unit Production Manager
David Van Slyke
Supervising Sound Editor
David Van Slyke
Re-Recording Mixer
John Hartigan
Special Effects Coordinator
Stanley Kastner
Re-Recording Mixer
John Orland
Post Production Producer

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