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Assassination Details


In Assassination, a routine political thriller directed by [[Performer~P95197~Peter Hunt~peterhunt]], Jay Hillion ([[Performer~P8686~Charles Bronson~charlesbronson]]) is a secret service agent assigned to protect First Lady Lara Royce Craig ([[Performer~P34518~Jill Ireland~jillireland]]). Lara hates Hillion and tries to get away from him but finds she needs him when her life is threatened by a series of assassination attempts which may have originated from the White House. This routine actioner has little to offer that is new or different, but it tells its tale at a good pace and has some nice location photography. [[Performer~P8686~Charles Bronson~charlesbronson]] gives his usual steely performance, while [[Performer~P34518~Jill Ireland~jillireland]] is more sympathetic as the First Lady who likes her independence but must learn to trust a man she detests. This film, while routine and somewhat predictable will be enjoyed by [[Performer~P8686~Bronson~charlesbronson]] fans. ~ Linda Rasmussen, Rovi

  • Release date:January 9, 1987


Charles Bronson
as Jay Killian
Jill Ireland
as Laramie Royce Craig
Jan Gan Boyd
as Charlotte Chang
Randy Brooks
as Tyler Loudermilk
Erik Stern
as Reno Bracken
Michael Ansara
as Sen. Hector Bunsen
James Staley
as Briggs
Jason Scura
as Capt. Hammond
John Hawker
as Porter
John Salvi
as Platt
Larry Sellers
as Indian Joe
Linda Harwood
as Sally Moore
Lori Stephens
as Female TV Reporter
Lucille Bliss
as Crone
Mihoko Tokoro
as Reporter
Mischa Hausserman
as Danzig
Natalie Alexander
as Claire Thompson
Arthur Hansel
as Barstow
Paul McCallum
as Sandy Ott
Peter Lupus
as TV Announcer
Robert Axelrod
as Finney
Robert Dowdell
as Capt. Ogilvy
Stephen Elliott
as Fitzroy
Tony Borgia
as Bomb Squad Man
Valentine McCallum
Beverly Thompson
as June Merkel
Vivian Tyus
as Maid
William Prince
as H.H. Royce
James Acheson
as Osborne Weems
James Clark
as Locomotive Engineer
Jack Gill
as Kerry Fane
William Hayes
as Pritchard Young
J. Michael Patterson
as Conductor
Michael Welden
as FBI Agent
Charles Howerton
as President Calvin Craig
Chris Alcaide
as Chief Justice
Ed Levitt
as FBI Agent
Elizabeth Lauren
as Moonbeam


Peter Hunt
Pancho Kohner
Richard Sale
Hanania Baer
Paula Erickson
Musical Direction/Supervision
Valentine McCallum
Composer (Music Score)
William Cruse
Production Designer
Yoram Globus
Executive Producer
Menahem Golan
Executive Producer
Shelley Komarov
Costume Designer
Thomas Brandau
Sound/Sound Designer
Jack Gill
Perry Bullington