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Arthur's Hallowed Ground Details


Moving as methodically as the old curmudgeon Arthur tending his cricket grounds, this drama about age and values is a steady, well-focused story that still might move too slowly or narrowly for some viewers. Arthur (Jimmy Jewel) has been taking care of the greensward for the cricket team since time immemorial and is at odds with the perennially losing team's board of directors. Len Draycock (Michael Elphick) and others want Arthur to shape the pitch to give the home team an advantage -- like every other home team. They would also like him to retire so they can install a modern system to tend the grounds and use his salary for needed amenities. Arthur's battles with Len and the board (and internally, himself as well) intensify when he is given an underprivileged young black man as an assistant. This was award-winning cinematographer Freddie Young's first (and last) directorial experience -- he was 90 when he directed this film. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi

  • Release date:February 5, 1986


Jimmy Jewel
as Arthur
Jean Boht
as Betty
David Swift
as Lionel
Michael Elphick
as Len
Derek Benfield
as Eric
John Flanagan
as Norman
Bernard Gallagher
as George
Sam Kelly
as Sales Representative
Al Ashton
as Billy
Mark Drewry
as Kev


Freddie Young
David Puttnam
Christopher Griffin
Peter Gibbs
Chic Anstiss
Simon Waters
Production Designer
Tudor George
Costume Designer