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Armed and Dangerous Details


In Armed and Dangerous, John Candy plays a cop who has been kicked off the force on a trumped up charge. Eugene Levy costars as a disbarred lawyer. The two outcasts take low-paying jobs as security officers at a company controlled by mob boss Robert Loggia. In their own stumblebum fashion, Candy and Levy uncover a smuggling operation masterminded by Loggia. Meg Ryan also shows up in an early leading role. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

  • Release date:August 15, 1986


John Candy
as Frank Dooley
Eugene Levy
as Norman Kane
Robert Loggia
as Michael Carlino
Kenneth McMillan
as Capt. Clarence O'Connell
Meg Ryan
as Maggie Cavanaugh
Brion James
as Anthony Lazarus
Jonathan Banks
as Clyde Klepper
Don Stroud
as Sgt. Rizzo
Steve Railsback
as The Cowboy
Sharon Wyatt
as BMW Woman
Sylvia Kauders
as Older Woman at Party
Janet Hirshenson
Savely Kramarov
as Olaf
Robert Gray
as Butcher
Nicholas Worth
as Transvestite
Tony Burton
as Cappy
Larry Hankin
as Kokolovitch
James Tolkan
as Brackman
Bruno Kirby
as Police Captain
Judy Landers
as Noreen
Tommy "Tiny" Lister, Jr.
as Bruno
Murray Lebowitz
as Party Gent
Bruce Kirby
as Police Captain
Christopher Mankiewicz
as Plainclothes Detective
Joe Seely
as Kid
Ira Miller
as Toxic Guard
Royce D. Applegate
as Toxic Guard
Lisa Figus
as Woman at Party
Tito Puente
as Band Leader
Edith Fields
as Party Guest
Larry "Flash" Jenkins
as Raisin
Rick Avery
as Cobb
Wilson Camp
as Older Man at Party
David Wohl
as Prosecutor
Teagan Clive
as Staf Member
Richard Blum
as Loader
Mark Carlton
as Court Clerk
Glenn Withrow
as Larry Lupik
Melanie Gaffin
as Little Girl
J. Jay Saunders
as Mayor
Nils Nichols
as Senator
John Solari
as Dolan
Martin Charles Warner
as Porno Clerk
Stacy Keach Sr.
as Judge
Seth Kaufman
as Gay Biker
David Hess
as Gunman No.4


Mark L. Lester
James Keach
Brian Grazer
Brian Grazer
Screen Story
Brian Grazer
Harold Ramis
Screen Story
Harold Ramis
James Keach
Screen Story
James Keach
Peter Torokvei
Fred Schuler
Bill Meyers
Composer (Music Score)
James Di Pasquale
Composer (Music Score)
Michael Melvoin
Composer (Music Score)
Gregory Prange
Christopher Mankiewicz
Associate Producer
Nancy Patton
Set Designer
Tom Pedigo
Set Designer
Deborah L. Scott
Costume Designer
Ray Delamotte
Camera Operator
Janet Hirshenson
Jane Jenkins