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Antoine (Daniel Auteuil of Daniel Auteuil), the busy manager of a fancy restaurant, cuts through a park in his rush to meet his frustrated girlfriend, Christine (Marilyne Canto), when he stumbles across Louis (José Garcia) attempting to hang himself. Antoine foils his efforts and takes the intensely phobic, despondent klutz home, much to Christine's chagrin. Lovesick Louis recalls that he's sent his "suicide note" to his elderly grandparents, so Antoine goes with him to intercept the letter. Antoine finds himself taking responsibility for Louis' life, getting him a job as a sommelier at the restaurant (despite his total lack of knowledge about wine and his nervousness around strangers) and going to visit Louis' ex-girlfriend, Blanche (Sandrine Kiberlain of Sandrine Kiberlain), a florist, and the cause of his heartbreak. Antoine finds that Blanche has a new boyfriend, and cunningly arranges for her to discover his infidelity. But when he offers Blanche comfort, she begins to feel drawn to him. With Antoine's encouragement, Louis gradually develops a newfound confidence, dressing better and excelling at work, all with an eye toward winning Blanche back. Antoine, meanwhile, is falling apart as he gets more involved in trying to fix Louis' life. Christine breaks up with him, and he struggles to hold it together at work. Worse yet, he finds himself increasingly attracted to Blanche, and conflicted in his allegiance to Louis. Pierre Salvadori's romantic farce Après vous... was shown at the Film Society of Lincoln Center's Rendezvous With French Cinema in 2004. ~ Josh Ralske, Rovi

  • Release date:June 3, 2005


Daniel Auteuil
as Antoine
José Garcia
as Louis
Sandrine Kiberlain
as Blanche
Marilyne Canto
as Christine
Michèle Moretti
as Martine
Garance Clavel
as Karine
Fabio Zenoni
as Andre
Ange Ruze
as Young Waiter


Pierre Salvadori
Philippe Martin
David Leotard
Pierre Salvadori
Dialogue Writer
Benoît Graffin
Marc Tevanian
Gilles Henry
Camille Bazbaz
Composer (Music Score)
Isabelle Devinck
Yves Fournier
Production Designer
Yves Fournier
Art Director
David Thion
Associate Producer
Virginie Montel
Costume Designer
Stephane Brunclair
Sound/Sound Designer
Michel Casang
Sound/Sound Designer
Joel Rangon
Sound/Sound Designer
Alain Charbit
Pascal Bonnet
Production Manager
Sylvie Peyre
Set Medic/First Aid
Pierre Salvadori
Additional Dialogue