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A Perfect World Details


Clint Eastwood, hot off of his Academy Award win for Unforgiven, directed this small character study, appearing in the guise of a cops-and-robbers action picture. The film takes place during the fall of 1963. Eight-year old Phillip Perry (T.J. Lowther), the son of a devout Jehovah's Witness mother, is staying home while all the other children are out trick-or-treating. But then prison escapee Butch Haynes (Kevin Costner) appears in his kitchen. Needing a hostage to aid him in his escape from jail, he grabs Phillip. Phillip curiously looks up to Butch and willingly accompanies him. Butch gets rid of his fellow escapee after he tries to molest the child, and Butch and Phillip take to the Texas highway, on the run from the cops. The cop in pursuit in this instance is Police Chief Red Garnett (Clint Eastwood), riding in his sleek Populux Airglide trailer -- his "mobile command headquarters." On the road with Garnett is Sally Gerber (Laura Dern), a pushy pre-feminist criminologist, along with a creepy federal agent who is an expert sharpshooter. Butch is not particularly anxious to make it to the Texas borderline, and neither is Garnett in any particular hurry to catch Butch. As Butch and Phillip form a father-son attachment, the paths of Butch and Garnett gradually come together, in time for a final confrontation, after which Garnett confesses, "I don't know nothing. I don't know a damn thing." ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi

  • Release date:November 24, 1993


Kevin Costner
as Butch Haynes
Clint Eastwood
as Red Garnett
Laura Dern
as Sally Gerber
Keith Szarabajka
as Terry Pugh
Leo Burmeister
as Tom Adler
Paul Hewitt
as Dick Suttle
Bradley Whitford
as Bobby Lee
Ray McKinnon
as Bradley
Wayne de Hart
as Mack
Linda Hart
as Eileen
Bruce McGill
as Paul Sanders
Mary Alice
as Lottie
Marietta Marich
as Farmer's Wife
James W. Gavin
as Helicopter Pilot
Nik Hagler
as General Store Manager
Brandon Smith
as Officer Jones
Mark Voges
as Larry
Dennis Letts
as Governor
Margaret Bowman
as Trick 'r Treat Lady
John M. Jackson
as Bob Fielder
Darryl Cox
as Mr. Hughes
Gary Moody
as Local Sheriff
Rodger Boyce
as Mr. Willits
Phyllis Huffman
John Hussey
as Governor's Aide
George Haynes
as Farmer
Elizabeth Ruscio
as Paula
James Jeter
as Oldtimer
Vernon Grote
as Prison Guard
Tony Frank
as Arch Andrews
George Orrison
as Officer Orrison
Woody Watson
as Lt. Hendricks
Marco Perella
as Road Block Officer
Craig Hosking
as Helicopter Pilot
Ed Geldart
as Fred Cummings
Gil Glasgow
as Officer Pete
Connie Cooper
as Bob's Wife
Cameron Finley
as Bob Fielder, Jr.
Gabriel Folse
as Officer Terrance
Lucy Lee Flippin
as Lucy


Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood
David Valdes
John Lee Hancock
Jack N. Green
Jeff Wexler
Musical Direction/Supervision
Clint Eastwood
Composer (Music Score)
Joel Cox
Henry Bumstead
Production Designer
Antoinette Gordon
Set Designer
Alan Hicks
Set Designer
Charlie Vassar
Set Designer
Erica Phillips
Costume Designer
Don Reddy
Camera Operator
Stephen St. John
Camera Operator
Andy Gill
Brian Smrz
John Robotham
Spike Silver
Liz Keigley
Phyllis Huffman
David Valdes
Production Manager