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Apartment Zero Details


A withdrawn Beunos Aries movie buff develops an unusually charged relationship with his new roommate in this off-beat psychological thriller. Reclusive and demanding, movie theater owner Adrian LeDuc is none too happy when circumstances force him to share his apartment. His outlook begins to shift, however, when he meets Jack Carney, a confident charmer with movie star looks. Adrian is both strangely attracted to and resentful of Jack, and the two form a sometimes awkward, often unspoken bond. This connection is challenged, however, when it is revealed that Jack may be hiding a horrible secret in regards to his enigmatic past. While it always remains grounded in the dynamics of the roommate's relationship, the film expands to encompass much more, from an implicit critique of obsessive movie fandom to a look at the bloody politics of the Argentinean military regime. Ultimately, however, the film is primarily concerned with creating a mood of slowly building suspense mixed with a streak of black humor, which becomes more pronounced as the film approaches its violent climax. ~ Judd Blaise, Rovi

  • Release date:September 15, 1989


Awarded by
Sundance Film Festival Martin Donovan In Competition 1988 Nominee


Colin Firth
as Adrian LeDuc
Hart Bochner
as Jack Carney
Dora Bryan
as Margaret McKinney
Liz Smith
as Mary Louise McKinney
Fabrizio Bentivoglio
as Carlos Sanchez-Verne
Cipe Lincovsky
as Mrs. Treniev
James Telfer
as Vanessa
Mirella D'Angelo
as Laura Werpachowsky
Juan Vitali
as Alberto Werpachowsky
Francesca D'Aloja
as Claudia
Miguel Ligero
as Mr. Palma
Elvia Andreoli
as Adrian's Mother
Marikena Monti
as Tango Singer
Marina Zemma
as Political Group in Cinema
Max Berliner
as Prospective Tenant
Micky Chapman
as 2nd Woman in Cinema
Stephen Cole
as Strange-looking Man in Airport
Alfredo Quesada
as Speaker at Group Meeting
Ezequiel Donovan
as Foreign Element
Federico D'Elia
as Boy in Cafe
Claudio Ciacci
as Young Man in Cinema
Daniel Astesano
as Immigration Officer
Daniel Queirolo
as Young Cop
Darwin Sanchez
as Police Inspector
Mane Arauz
as Prospective Tenant
Horacio Erman
as Political Group in Cinema
Ines Estevez
as Political Group in Cinema
Javier Balina
as 2nd Paramedic
John Kamps
as Foreign Element
Jorge Caseres
as Young Man with Vanessa
Nicolas Pereyra
as Doctor at Instititution
Oca Spirito
as 1st Woman in Cinema
Pablo Lena
as Political Group in Cinema
Raul Florido
as Jack's Argentine Contact
Rosario Varela
as Girl with Carlos at Tango
Ruth Jasiuk
as Political Group in Cinema
Sandra Calderon
as 2nd Nurse
Veronica Gambini
as Girl with Carlos in Building
Gabriel Corrado
as Victim in Hotel Room
Gabriel Posniak
as Dead Man
German Palacios
as Political Group in Cinema
Goran Johansson
as Foreign Element
Guillermo Willart
as 1st Paramedic


Martin Donovan
Martin Donovan
Screen Story
Martin Donovan
David Koepp
Ilja Cmiral
Composer (Music Score)
Elia Cmiral
Composer (Music Score)
David Koepp
Martin Donovan
Ezequiel Donovan
Associate Producer
Stephen Cole
Executive Producer
Angelica Fuentes
Costume Designer
Fernando Altschul
First Assistant Director
Goran Johansson
First Assistant Director
Mirta Blanco