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Another Stakeout Details


In [[Feature~V46407~Stakeout~stakeout]], cop [[Performer~P88268~Richard Dreyfuss~richarddreyfuss]] fell in love with [[Performer~P68576~Madeline Stowe~madeleinestowe]], the woman he and his partner [[Performer~P89157~Emilio Estevez~emilioestevez]] were watching during a police stakeout. [[Performer~P68576~Stowe~madeleinestowe]]'s back in Another Stakeout, but her part is fleeting and unbilled. On the other hand, we get plenty of [[Performer~P88268~Dreyfuss~richarddreyfuss]] and [[Performer~P89157~Estevez~emilioestevez]], still both as cantankerous and obnoxious as ever. This time, our two heroes are in search of a Mafia witness who has disappeared after an attempt on her life. While holed up in a judge's mansion, staking out the apartment where the woman may or may not return, the pair are subject to the comic aggravation of DA's assistant [[Performer~P53416~Rosie O'Donnell~rosieodonnell]], who's brought her "darling" little rotweiler along for company. Another Stakeout works a little harder for its laughs than its predecessor; the best scenes go to Ms. [[Performer~P53416~O'Donnell~rosieodonnell]] and to nonplussed supporting players [[Performer~P22685~Dennis Farina~dennisfarina]] and [[Performer~P68631~Marcia Strassman~marciastrassman]]. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Richard Dreyfuss
as Chris Lecce
Emilio Estevez
as Bill Reimers
Rosie O'Donnell
as Gina Garrett
Dennis Farina
as Brian O'Hara
Marcia Strassman
as Pam O'Hara
Madeleine Stowe
as Maria
Cathy Moriarty
as Lu Delano
John Rubinstein
as Thomas Hassrick
Miguel Ferrer
as Tony Castellano
Sharon Maughan
as Barbara Burnside
Nancy Sosna
as Nurse
Michael de Lano
as Michael
Jan Speck
as Van Agent
Denalda Williams
as Desk Sergeant
Dan Lauria
as Captain Coldshank
Christopher Doyle
as McNamara
Blu Mankuma
as Seattle Det. Willis
Michael Steve Jones
as Paramedic
Bruce Barbour
as Cop
Steve Lambert
as Killer
Frank C. Turner
as Unlucky
Al Goto
as Pizza Man
Larry B. Scott
as Garage Attendant
Carol Lewis


John Badham
M. James Kouf Jr.
Cathleen Summers
Lynn Bigelow
Matthew Weisman
M. James Kouf Jr.
Roy H. Wagner
Kevin Stitt
Justis Greene
Production Designer
Richard Hudolin
Art Director
D.J. Caruso
Justis Greene
Associate Producer
John Badham
Executive Producer
Rose Marie McSherry
Set Designer
Stephanie Nolin
Costume Designer
David Sosna
First Assistant Director
Bill Bannerman
First Assistant Director
Carol Lewis