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And You Thought Your Parents Were Weird! Details


In this family-fun type of film, two brothers who have apparently inherited their recently deceased father's inventor-type genes decide to finish their pop's robot invention, sell it for big bucks, and keep mom out of the poorhouse. They put together the metal man named Newman who somehow has absorbed the dead dad's spirit and can talk. The boys are wowed to find that Dad's back! But then the bad guys arrive (of course) in the form of an electronics company wanting in on the Newman-robot invention and by an abrupt gal reporter who wants the big scoop. Looming out in the troubled fringes too, are the dopes responsible for the kids' dad's demise. These kids are up to all of this and, along with the robot, they're out to rack up one for the 'good guys.' ~ Rovi

  • Release date:November 15, 1991


Joshua Miller
as Josh Carson
Edan Gross
as Max Carson
Marcia Strassman
as Sarah Carson
Alan Thicke
as Newman the Robot
Susan Gibney
as Alice Woods
Eric Walker
as Dwayne Kotswinkle
Bill Smille
as Henry Kilbrandt
John Quade
as Walter Kotzwinkle
Armin Shimerman
as Contest Judge
Robert Clotworthy
as Mike Abbott
Erik Walker
as Dwayne Franklin
Allan Wasserman
as Mel
A.J. Langer
as Beth Allen
Richard Libertini
as Matthew Carson
Gustav Vintas
as Jaeger


Tony Cookson
Pernille Siesbye
Just Betzer
Tony Cookson
Paul Elliott
Nancy Paloian-Breznikar
Production Designer
Alexandra Kicenik
Production Designer
Benni Korzen
Mark Slater
Joan P. Borsten
Associate Producer
Sanja Milkovic Hays
Costume Designer