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American Ninja 4: The Annihilation Details


The fourth (and final!) entry in this kick-boxing series, sees the return of Michael Dudikoff as the leading foot flinger. Here a scheming sheik trains a bevy of ninja marauders that he's hoping can help him in his plan to hold the world ransom by holding hostage none other than the city of New York. ~ Rovi

  • Release date:March 8, 1991


Michael Dudikoff
as Joe Armstrong
David Bradley
as Sean
James Booth
as Mulgrew
Dwayne Alexandre
as Brackston
Robin Stille
as Sarah
Ken Gampu
as Dr. Tamba
Craig Ginsberg
as Delta Force Team
Anthony Fridjhon
as Freddie
Robin Smith
as Schultz
Jamie Bartlett
Franz Dobrowsky
as O'Reilly
David Sherwood
as Gavin
Nakidi Ribane
as Tilly
Robin Rochelle
as Sarah
Ron Smerczak
as Maksood
Jim Daly
Chris Ollie
as Pig
Mankaba Mabathoane
Seth Sehloho
as President Bender
Isaac Mavimbela
as Abdul
Deon Stewardson
as Delta Force Team
John Pasternak
Gianna Pisanello
David Rees
as Delta Force Team
Bob Necols
as Delta Force Team
Brian Mabelane
as Delta Force Team
Jody Abrahams
as Pango
Kely McClung
as Delta Force Team
Phillip Van Der Bijl
as Igor


Cedric Sundstrom
Christopher Pearce
John H. Stodel
David Geeves
Nicolaas TenBroek
Composer (Music Score)
Ruth Strimling
Production Designer
Avi Lerner
Executive Producer
Dianna Cilliers
Costume Designer
Ed Anders