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Australian star [[Performer~P94623~Paul Hogan~paulhogan]] just couldn't seem to come up with a hit comparable to his 1986 international hit [[Feature~V11577~Crocodile Dundee~crocodiledundee]]. [[Performer~P94623~Hogan~paulhogan]]'s Almost an Angel was a nice try, but no cigar. The star plays a lifelong thief who suffers a potentially fatal accident. While "in limbo", [[Performer~P94623~Hogan~paulhogan]] is visited by God (amusingly played by [[Performer~P94233~Charlton Heston~charltonheston]]-well, why not [[Performer~P94233~Charlton Heston~charltonheston]]?). When he recovers, [[Performer~P94623~Hogan~paulhogan]] is convinced that he'd been returned to the land of the living in order to do God's work. He turns over a new leaf, coming to the assistance of wheelchair-bound [[Performer~P39177~Elias Koteas~eliaskoteas]] and his pretty sister [[Performer~P39252~Linda Kozlowski~lindakozlowski]] (the real-life Mrs. [[Performer~P94623~Hogan~paulhogan]]). At first suspicious of [[Performer~P94623~Hogan~paulhogan]], [[Performer~P39252~Kozlowski~lindakozlowski]] is finally won over by his new-found sincerity. So lightweight that it threatens to float away at any moment, Almost an Angel is held together exclusively by [[Performer~P94623~Paul Hogan~paulhogan]]'s star appeal. Unfortunately, this wasn't enough to insure a box-office success. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

  • Release date:December 19, 1990