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All of Me Details


In this melodrama, an engineering professor longs to leave his ivory tower so he can be involved in a special project taking place near Boulder Dam. He decides to go and tries to convince his wealthy student/lover to go with him. They discuss this in a night club. She doesn't really want to go. While there, they encounter another couple, a crook and his moll who offer their own unique take on the situation. The crooks offer the wealthy lovers insight into the realities of living on the lower rungs of the social ladder. At the end of the evening, the crook steals the wealthy girl's purse so he can help his pregnant girl. He gets arrested. Fortunately, the kindly professor helps him break out so he can be with his moll who needs him. Unfortunately, during the escape, the crook kills a cop and takes the professor and his girl hostage. The police surround the joint and the rich girl hides in a corner during a shoot out. The situation gets desperate and the crook and his lover vow that they will never again be parted and hand in hand leap from the window to certain death. The girl suddenly realizes the true meaning of love and decides to accompany her lover out west and start all over again. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi


Fredric March
as Don Ellis
Miriam Hopkins
as Lydia Darrow
George Raft
as Honey Rogers
Helen Mack
as Eve Haron
Nella Walker
as Mrs. Darrow
Gilbert Emery
as The Dean
Blanche Frederici
as Miss Haskell
Edgar Kennedy
as Guard
Kitty Kelly
as Lorraine
Guy Usher
as District Attorney
William Collier, Jr.
as Jerry Helman


James Flood
Thomas Mitchell
Sidney Buchman
Victor Milner
Leo Robin
Ralph Rainger
Otho Lovering