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Alligator 2: The Mutation Details


Not so much a sequel to the [[Performer~P110025~John Sayles~johnsayles]]-scripted [[Feature~V1677~Alligator~alligator]] as a shoddy remake, this sophomoric low-budget effort plays like a bad TV movie about a swamp-dwelling alligator mutated to monstrous size by toxic waste, munching on the screaming residents of a lakefront community. The naughty polluter who caused this mutation is the property developer himself ([[Performer~P107424~Steve Railsback~steverailsback]], playing such a cookie-cutter villain that he might as well have a "BAD GUY" sign around his neck). An embarrassed [[Performer~P7154~Joseph Bologna~josephbologna]] plays the cop investigating the mutilation murders; an equally-ashamed [[Performer~P68458~Dee Wallace Stone~deewallace]] plays the scientist assisting him, who is conveniently married to him as well. In an attempt to remedy the situation, a big-game hunter ([[Performer~P43946~Richard Lynch~richardlynch]]) is called in to bag the beast. When his efforts fail, it's left to [[Performer~P7154~Bologna~josephbologna]] to pick up the pieces -- literally -- and take charge of the situation when the big reptile decides to take in the grand opening of the local amusement park. From a nonsensical script to cheesy special effects that make the beast look like a pool toy, this film shows none of the cynical charm and sly wit that made [[Feature~V1677~Alligator~alligator]] so enjoyable. ~ Cavett Binion, Rovi


Joseph Bologna
as David Hodges
Woody Brown
as Rich Harmon
Kane Hodder
as Billy Boy
Prof. Toru Tanaka
as Wrestler
Warren Stevens
as Barker
Harlan Arnold
as J.A. Luco
Steve Railsback
as Vincent Brown
Bill Daily
as Mayor Anderson
Ray Bickel
as Older Cop
Holly Gagnier
as Sheri Anderson
Nicolas Cowan
as Felipe
Bob Cady
as D.J. Jackhammer
Brock Peters
as Chief Speed
Alan Marcus
as Joe Mac
Alexia Smirnoff
as Wrestler
Jon Paul Jones
as James
Carmen Filpi
as Wino Henry
Thomas Rosales, Jr.
as Victor
Richard Lynch
as Hawkins
George Sims
as Patrick
Jon Van Ness
as Officer Trimble
Christine Avila
as Spanish Woman
Tim Eyster
as J.J. Hodges
David Correia
as Officer Mejia
Evelyn Guerrero
as Elena
Julian Reyes
as Reuben Ruiz
Dee Wallace
as Christine Hodges
Tom Magee
as Strongman
Buckley Norris
as Doc
Duane Tucker
as Officer York
Jerry Spicer
as Stiltman/Unicyclist


Jon D. Hess
Curt Allen
Joseph Mangine
Jack Tillar
Composer (Music Score)
Marshall Harvey
Christopher Ellis
George Costello
Production Designer
Allen Terry
Art Director
Elisabeth A. Scott
Costume Designer
B.J. Davis
Stunts Coordinator