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All Night Long Details


[[Performer~P29486~Gene Hackman~genehackman]] plays a disgruntled suburbanite who manages the Ultra-Sav, an all-night drugstore. He hates his job, hates his debts and responsibilities, and isn't overly fond of his wife ([[Performer~P39955~Diane Ladd~dianeladd]]) and son ([[Performer~P58161~Dennis Quaid~dennisquaid]]). Partly as a form of protest, [[Performer~P29486~Hackman~genehackman]] enters into an affair with [[Performer~P112652~Barbra Streisand~barbrastreisand]], one of his wife's distant relatives (don't ask how she's related - it takes [[Performer~P29486~Hackman~genehackman]] about thirty seconds to explain it to another character). [[Performer~P112652~Streisand~barbrastreisand]] doesn't belong in this picture at all, but she can be forgiven her acting excesses because she wasn't the first choice for the role anyway ([[Performer~P21359~Lisa Eichhorn~lisaeichhorn]] dropped out just before shooting began). The best moments in All Night Long involve the steady stream of oddballs and losers who trickle into [[Performer~P29486~Hackman~genehackman]]'s establishment. There is also a cute [[Feature~V2675~Apocalypse Now~apocalypsenow]] parody involving a battery-operated toy helicopter. The principal attraction of All Night Long is [[Performer~P29486~Gene Hackman~genehackman]] playing an endearingly recognizable modern type. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

  • Release date:April 17, 1963


Gene Hackman
as George Dupler
Barbra Streisand
as Cheryl Gibbons
Diane Ladd
as Helen Dupler
Dennis Quaid
as Freddie Dupler
Kevin Dobson
as Bobby Gibbons
William Daniels
as Richard H. Copleston
Hamilton Camp
as Buggoms
Terry Kiser
as Ultra-Sav day manager
Charles Siebert
as Nevins
Raleigh Bond
as Ultra-Sav doctor
Annie Girardot
as French teacher
Bonnie Bartlett
as Patricia
Irene Tedrow
as Loft Landlady
James Ingersoll
as Hutchinson
Jim Nolan
as Grandfather Gibbons
Judy Kerr
as Joan Gibbons
Len Lawson
as Barney
Lomax Study
as Old Security Guard
Marilyn Tokuda
as Michele Miller
Mitzi Hoag
as Nurse
Nicholas Mele
as Shoplifter
Peggy Pope
as Waitress
Richard Stahl
as Pharmacist
Tandy Cronyn
as Shuster's Secretary
Virginia Kiser
as Virginia
Ann Doran
as Grandmother Gibbons
Gary Allen
as Desk Clerk
Charles White Eagle
as Gibson Lone Wolf
Chris Mulkey
as Russell Monk
Demetre Phillips
as Carpenter
Faith Minton
as Holdup Woman
Jesse Lawrence Ferguson
as Jacob Horowitz


Jean-Claude Tramont
Jerry Weintraub
W.D. Richter
Philip H. Lathrop
Ira Newborn
Composer (Music Score)
Richard Hazard
Composer (Music Score)
Marion Rothman
Ray Simm
Production Designer
Peter Jamison
Production Designer
Fran Roy
Associate Producer
Terry Donnelly
Associate Producer
Linda Spheeris
Set Designer
Nancy McArdle
Costume Designer
Albert Wolsky
Costume Designer
Donna Garrett