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Alias a Gentleman Details


Alias a Gentleman is impeccably tailored to the slovenly talents of MGM star Wallace Beery. He's cast as Jim Breeden, an ex-convict who finds himself wealthy overnight when oil is discovered on his property. His first order of business as a man of means is to locate his long-lost daughter. Hoping to get a piece of the financial action, several of Breeden's disreputable buddies try to palm off Elaine Carter (Dorothy Patrick) as his daughter -- and he falls for the ruse hook, line and sinker. Touched by Breeden's efforts to "do right" by her, Elaine comes to love the old soak and refuses to go through with his jailmates' shakedown scheme. They retaliate by kidnapping the girl, forcing Breedin to rely on his prison instincts to affect a rescue. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Wallace Beery
as Jim Breedin
Dorothy Patrick
as Elaine Carter
Gladys George
as Madge Parkson
Leon Ames
as Matt Enley
Warner Anderson
as Capt. Charlie Lopen
John Qualen
as No End
Sheldon Leonard
as Harry Bealer
Trevor Bardette
as Jig Johnson
Jeff Corey
as Zu
Marc Krah
as Spats Edwards
William Forrest
as Carruthers


Harry Beaumont
Nat Perrin
Ray June