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Ali Baba Goes to Town Details


Autograph hound Al Babson (Eddie Cantor) accidentally disrupts the filming of a movie about Ali Baba, and is injured in the process. The filmmakers try to buy him off, but nurse Dinah (Virginia Field) suggests he be hired as an extra. He takes an overdose of painkillers, and his Arabian Nights dreams combine with the plot of the movie. His name leads the populace to think he's the son of Ali Baba, and he's taken to the palace of Sultan Abdullah (Roland Young), who's so impressed by Al that he makes him prime minister. Princess Miriam (June Lang) is in love with Yusuf (Tony Martin), the leader of the peasants, while Al has fallen for Deenah (also Virginia Field), whose father Omar (Maurice Cass) is trying to make a carpet fly. Meanwhile, the evil Prince Musah (Douglas Dumbrille) is conspiring with Sultana (Louise Hovick), one of Abdullah's many wives, to capture the princess, take over Bagdad, and kill Abdullah and Al as well. Miriam and Yusuf are unhappy because royalty and commoners cannot marry, so Al comes up with a plan to help his friends, but the plan spectacularly backfires, and Abdullah orders him to be boiled in oil. ~ Bill Warren, Rovi

  • Release date:January 1, 1937


Eddie Cantor
as Ali Bobo
Roland Young
as Sultan
June Lang
as Princess Miriam
Louise Hovick
as Sultana
John Carradine
as Ishak
Virginia Field
as Dinah
Alan Dinehart
as Boland
Douglas Dumbrille
as Prince Musah
Maurice Cass
as Omar
Stanley Fields
as Tramp
Warren Hymer
as Tramp
Paul Hurst
as Captain
Douglas Wood
as Selim
Ferdinand Gottschalk
as Chief Councilor
Charles Lane
as Doctor
Dolores Del Rio
as Guest


David Butler
Darryl F. Zanuck
Lawrence Schwab
Harry Tugend
Jack Yellen
Gene Fowler
Screen Story
Gene Towne
Screen Story
Ernest Palmer
Louis Silvers
Composer (Music Score)
Irene Morra
Bernard Herzbrun
Art Director
Gwen Wakeling
Costume Designer