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Albino Alligator Details


Actor Kevin Spacey made his directorial debut with this thriller. Dova (Matt Dillon), Milo (Gary Sinise), and Law (William Fichtner) are three small-time crooks on the run after a botched robbery of a New Orleans warehouse led to a car chase, causing the death of two cops. Needing a place to hide, with Milo seriously injured, they sneak into Dino's Last Chance Bar, a shot-and-a-beer joint located on a side street in a basement. Before long, the bar is surrounded by a squadron of Federal agents and SWAT officers. The three robbers are convinced that the cops are trying to flush them out, but it turns out that they aren't the only crooks in search of a cold beer at Dino's. Smart-suited Guy (Viggo Mortensen) is actually an international dealer in illegal arms that the cops were trailing when they stumbled across the robbery gone wrong. As police negotiator Browning (Joe Mantegna) tries to get the bad guys to come out peacefully, the bar's patrons -- pool shooting Danny (Skeet Ulrich), aging beauty Janet (Faye Dunaway), and boozehound Jack (John Spencer) -- beg for mercy as Dova hatches a scheme that involves killing Guy and all the patrons. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi


Matt Dillon
as Dova
Faye Dunaway
as Janet
Gary Sinise
as Milo
William Fichtner
as Law
Joe Mantegna
as G.D. Browning
Viggo Mortensen
as Guy
John Spencer
as Jack
Skeet Ulrich
as Danny
Spencer Garrett
as Agent
Melinda McGraw
as Jenny Ferguson
Jock Worthen
as Medic
Doug Spinuzza
as Agent
Michael Unger
as Reporter
Brad Koepenick
as Browning Assiatant
Alexander Smith
as Reporter
M. Emmet Walsh
as Dino
Frankie R. Faison
as Agent Marv Rose
Willie C. Carpenter
as Reporter
Enrico Colantoni
as Agents
Jeff Hoffman
as Jenny's Cameraman


Kevin Spacey
Brad Krevoy
Steven Stabler
Brad Jenkel
Christian Forte
Mark Plummer
Amanda Scheer-Demme
Musical Direction/Supervision
Michael Brook
Composer (Music Score)
Nelson Coates
Production Designer
Burton Rencher
Art Director
Linda Sutton
Set Designer
Isis Mussenden
Costume Designer
Mark Weingarten
Sound/Sound Designer
John Rusk
First Assistant Director